Sunday, July 14, 2013

Three Hops and IMC

Text messages were traded between Mike, Vince and myself last night in order to plan for some flight time today.  Conditions were calling for IMC on our intended routes and no thunder storm activity, that was the big plus.
Climbing out of ILG
The plan was a go and the meet up time was scheduled for 9:30 am.  I picked up Vince on the way to the airport and we started to uncover 08Romeo as Mike walked across the ramp.  I had filed for our flight to KGED, Sussex County Airport in Georgetown Delaware. I contacted Wilmington ground and picked up my clearance.

Cleared - KGED
Route - RH V29 ENO direct
Altitude - 2000/4000 in ten
Frequency- 119.75
Transponder - 6631
Flying in the milk jug
We were soon climbing out of Wilmington and handed off to Philly.  Philly gave me four thousand and direct ENO (Smyrna) then handed me off to Dover. Dover called out multiple targets along the way and each time I had to respond 08Romeo is IMC. Once I reported having the wx info at KGED I was lowered to 2000, direct BOYSE cleared for the GPS 22 approach.  I acknowledged and added I would be doing the procedure turn as published, Dover confirmed.

Entering the PT at BOYSE
I did a real nice job tracking for the procedure turn and the approach. I even tied a bow on it with a smooth greaser of a landing.  I know its good when Mike is quiet and I think I heard him say "super". I was happy, it's always a good thing to impress the CFII.
Jeff flying Harv's Mooney
We enjoyed a great lunch at the new Arena's restaurant located in the terminal. I had Chili and a half BLT combo for around $8, Mike had a large bowl tuna salad that looked great and I think Vince also had a BLT.  As we walked out of the restaurant we bumped into the Woodbine bunch and had a few minutes to catch up with Jeff D.
Mike flying GED-OXB, extreme outside temps
We did a brief walk around and sumped fuel. 08Romeo was good to go and we taxied out for KOXB, Ocean City, MD in the high temps.  We filed while eating lunch just in case we needed the cloud clearance but ended up making out just fine.  Mike was left seat for this short hop and he did a nice job knocking out the GPS 14 approach.

The three amigo's decided on a trip to the boardwalk so we piled in our beach buggy, the VW Cabrio and headed east.  Of course we got the top down, at least for a few blocks. It was so stinking hot we decided to put the top back up and crank up the AC, we didn't even get off the airport property. :)
The boards were packed but we did manage a few stops. I picked up fudge for my Bride and Mike and Vince each got a Kohrs soft serve ice cream.  We strolled around for a bit then headed back to the car so I could show Mike and Vince the homes Mary and I are looking at. After the real estate tour we headed back to the airport and tucked the Cabrio back under cover for this weekends next visit.
Vince and his favorite jet at OXB
We filed for five thousand  for the ride home to Wilmington, KOXB ATR ENO DQO KILG. There was a cloud layer that was building, base around fifty five to six thousand and we didn't want to be stuck under it getting beat up. I called clearance/delivery from the ramp and noted the following info.

Cleared - KILG
Route - As Filed, fly heading of 270  upon entering controlled airspace
Altitude - 3000/5000 in ten
Frequency- 127.95
Transponder - 6525

That works, we were number one for the back taxi on one four and turned 08Romeo into the wind and launched. It was a smooth ride with some thirty degree deviations for build-ups as we worked north of Georgetown towards Dover.  Dover handed us off to Philly and I checked in with five thousand level, have wx at Wilmington. As we passed near the Salem nuke plant we were lowered to three thousand and with confirmation that we had the field I was turned over to the tower. Another smooth landing into Wilmington and the end of a fun day flying with friends.

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