Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Work Hop

Today my schedule was crazy.  I have some stone base issues on the taxiway project that needed immediate attention and then I had to be back in Wilmington in time for a 2pm dentist appointment.

General Aviation to the rescue!
I was in the air by 7am and on the ground, plane secured  and looking for wheels by 7:30.  The Op's folks at Cape May were kind enough to let me use an Explorer and when they needed the SUV back I got to drive our Kubota 4 WD buggy/pick up/ op's vehicle thingy.
With some of the stone base issues resolved I was closing in on my 12:45 departure time.  I returned the above pictured vehicle and pre-flighted 08Romeo.  Everything was good to go and with that I climbed aboard.  I launched off of runway two eight and climbed towards the Delaware Bay. The flight home was into a headwind and my ground speed was indicating 106-108, I miss this mornings 126-128 speeds.
A smooth landing into ILG with gusting winds and a quick taxi and tie down at red eagle.  I needed to be at the dentist by 2 pm and I still needed to take my pre-meds for my metal hip parts.  With a stop at McD's I gulped down 4 amoxicillin pills and pointed the SUV towards my appointment.
I should add in here that I am petrified of the dentist, I begged him to find the magic wand to fix my tooth and in return he can break any finger or arm that he chooses, broken bones don't hurt to bad, the simple thought of tooth pain floors me.  Today I was in luck, the office ran out of pins (used to anchor fillings) and I had to reschedule for Thursday. 

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