Monday, July 29, 2013

Key West

Way back when (January 2011) Mary and I added Key West to our list of places to go. Well, the trip has resurfaced and I think it's a go for Mary's birthday. I'm reviewing my initial plans and working through some new routing to take better advantage of fuel prices.

The original plan was to stop at one of our favorites, Grand Strand, well that's out. The fuel at KCRE is now $6.64 a gallon.  With a little searching I found much better pricing thanks to AirNav.
So with the flight plans starting to take shape and my iPad updated for charts and plates it was time to look for a hotel.  On one of the Blogs I read, Family Flying, Geoff had posted about his flight to Key West. His family stayed at the Sheraton Key West and it's located right across the street from the beach.  The hotel also provided a free shuttle service down town so that's a plus. There will be more in depth investigation over the next week.

Sadly, I am also checking airfare. Fuel alone for the round trip can cost me up to $1,300.00 and airfare is looking like $700 round trip total for the both of us flying coach. Rooms are $230 a night so we'll factor all that info in and then decide on the best plan of attack.  I should mention that the flight to key west for me the pilot is priceless! Mary also added that we bought the plane to travel so let's use it. Easier said than done if we fly 8-9 hours in one day. More info on this excursion to follow.


Airline tickets secured, total cost round trip for the both of us...$699. Sorry 08Romeo, you're staying home on this trip.


Chris said...

Hope it works out, Gary!

Gary said...

Me too! I so want to fly 08R but my pocket says to fly commercial. The savings will buy two extra days of hotel.

Anonymous said...

Can't take it with you. Go for it!! daCheezyOne

Steve said...

Budgets are a pain in the arse sometimes, huh?

I get it - there are plenty of times I'd have loved to fly but there's just no way to justify the cost. See: my logbook in 2011.

I've done better this year but it's still hard to figure out how to fund the IR training. If you can make it work, awesome... but if not I'm sure it'll still be a great trip.

Geoff Nelson said...

Sorry you're not flying yourself down. I definitely respect the price delta. Actually, I thing that's a damn good price on the airline tickets. Have a great time!