Sunday, September 21, 2014


Hurry up and wait for wx....
I had to wait out some wx passing through my route but I made my planned departure time of noon. I climbed out of OCMD and headed towards Snow Hill, my first time passing over this VOR.  08Romeo had a full belly of fuel and with the density altitude she labored to climb to 8000 holding 5-6 hundred feet a minute. The graph from flight aware makes it look like I road a rocket to 8000 in a minute then plunged to the earth only to recover and do my best Blue Angel imitation and climb 4500'.  Trust me, it was a steady climb, trimmed for a hands off 500 feet a minute.
Virginia beyond the layer
Over Accomack, KMFV  Looking SE
The peninsula was covered by clouds that stretched across the Chesapeake Bay.  Virginia was looking clear and the remainder of my flight was unobstructed.  This was one of those hands in lap looking for things to do to stay ahead. I arrived at my scheduled time, took on fuel and turned for the north home airport.  I did hear Dave,Light Sport Aeronaut, on with Washington Center heading north to Quakertown. I wanted to say hello Dave, but didn't think Center would appreciate that. Hope you enjoyed the smooth air today!

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Pilot said...

The weather guesser said I would probably have to take the west side of the SAFRA to get home. My planned route of flight looked like the demarcation line between IFR and VFR. However we could not have had nicer weather. Smooth, clear air with over 10 miles of visibility. I fought 15 knot headwinds at 3500', but saw no reason to try and climb higher. BTW, not protocol, but I would have answered.