Thursday, September 18, 2014

Weekend Flying Plans

It's going to be a busy flying weekend coming up and as all pilots do, the pre-planning has been dancing around in my head all week.

Online wx and flight planning do make the process a bit easier but I always second guess route and altitude choices up until I finally file. It's hard to select the favorable altitudes with winds until you file so I tend to run through the plan one last time then send my plan off through ForeFlight.  I'll post more next week but here is the preliminary plans.
My typical Friday night flight south

Sundays flight
I'll return Monday evening following the same route as noted above (Sundays flight), just in reverse of course. If its getting late I'll duck into OXB and tuck 08Romeo in the hangar and I'll get to spend the night with my Bride. I can launch in the morning on Tuesday to get home for work at 7am. 

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