Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Flights Of The Mouse, Revisited

Last Tuesday Mary and I had the pleasure of meeting up with Sandra for dinner, here in Wilmington. Sandra is Bo's Bride, Flights of the Mouse.  Dinner at Culinaira was excellent and Sandra's two friends were very sweet, we felt like we knew them for years. 

Time flew by and our group ended up just about closing the place as we sat well through the dinner time slots carrying on with conversation and laughs. It's funny how there never seems to be a lapse in time when we catch up with friends, we just pick right up and move forward.  We each raised a glass to wish Bo a Happy Birthday and the night really helped me heal. Sandra and I talked about missing the last few BAC Fest events, for me it would never be the same. After shedding some tears we agreed that maybe next years BAC fest is something we could all attend, that's a year away.

The Flights Of The Mouse blog went off line shortly after Bo's passing and I kept the link on my blog that directed you to the Aviation Mentor Gone West post. Special thanks for the effort of Spike Cutler and Jesse Angell (Angell Aviation) who was kind enough to host the web page for the Flights Of The Mouse blog.  This past week I sat and read through every single page of the journal, miscellaneous topics, what it's all about and the hundreds of pictures posted.

I guess you could say I'm re-energized. I'm ready to start back flying those three and four day get-aways and making a serious effort to be more active on my flight journal.

Thank you Sandra for making the stop here in Wilmington.  Mary and I are looking forward to the next time we can catch up for dinner.

Bo, your Redhead is one special lady, always a class act, Mary and I treasure her friendship.  Blue Skies my friend.


Chris said...

Gary - it's great to see Flights of the Mouse available again. It was one of the first blogs I discovered and I'm looking forward to visiting there again!

That's wonderful that you got to visit with the Redhead. I bet Bo would be pleased.

Gary said...

It was so nice to see Sandra and meet her friends. I'm sure Bo would have been delighted we caught up.