Monday, September 15, 2014

November Get-Away


Mary and I are planning a November get-away, in 08Romeo.  It's a multiple stop combo get-away of sorts.  A few days planned for Charleston, SC and some time planned to visit my brother and his Bride in Jupiter, FL.
I think I remember how to fly outside the state lines of Delaware and Maryland, I just hope 08Romeo does.  It should be a fun flight and a chance to relax with my Bride and family.

As of this posting we are still working on the sale of our home with a good number of 'lookers' but no offers yet.  The market has approximately 30 homes for sale in our price range and zip code, this could take awhile. We figure we both needed a break.
We previously planned for Charleston and Florida a number of times (Florida Planning 2011, Trip Planning, 2013 and Singer Island, 2014) .  This time, keeping our fingers crossed, we hope it all works out.  Now to get 08Romeo through annual.


Chris said...

Good luck Gary, on all fronts!

Gary said...

Thanks Chris....I miss the cross country planning and flights. I can hardly wait to get back to it.

One a side note, I may move to OCMD and commute by air for work and have the SUV as my ground back up. I am thinking about moving the airport car to Wilmington airport for the short hop to from work. Tired of the separation and living out of two places!

Chris said...

I magine you're ready to stretch your wings after so many short hops!

Commuting by you're just rubbing it in! :-) of course, winter IS coming.

Steve said...

That should be a fun trip!

We've got the 172 reserved in November ourselves - the plan is to take a short weekend hop somewhere to celebrate our anniversary. Weather pending, I'm hoping we can manage a fun little getaway.

Gary said...

We are really looking forward to getting away.

Looking forward to doing the blog when I get back and reading yours when you complete the flight. Mary and I miss the get-aways...can't retire fast enough!

Steve said...

Yep, I bet you guys are more than overdue for it after all you've been dealing with lately.

I'm leaning towards Asheville if I can make it happen. We've never been there, an airplane makes for a way easier and faster trip, and I've heard so many good things.