Friday, September 27, 2013

Trip Planning

Mary and I have been giving some thought to getting away for the holidays and doing some family visits in the Boston area.  I guess the Boston trip is pretty basic N57, New Garden to KBED, Laurence Hanscom Field in Bedford, MA.  Bedford is under three hundred miles and a non-stop hop.
Flight number two will be a holiday get-away back to warm weather. We are giving some thought to Jekyll Island but November-December temps look to cool. Instead, I think we will head deeper into the south, and warmer temps, to make our stand in Jupiter or Singer Island Florida.
Sadly I gave the airlines a look and while I could save almost an AMU in fuel money alone, I don't think dealing with holiday airport crowds is worth twice that.
Trip two will be from N57, New Garden (I'm still getting used to calling N57 home)to F45, North Palm Beach County General Aviation Airport in West Palm Beach, Fl.  This trip is around 810 miles and will require a stop somewhere along the way. Some quick planning shows the half way point as KCKI, Williamsburg Regional in Kingstree, SC. I'm still working out the hotels but it looks like a busy end of the year flying.


Geoff Nelson said...

Plan for both! That way if weather in one direction is a no-go, maybe you can head the other way! I vote for the Florida trip. Maybe we could meet up.

Gary said...

Boston is Octobers flight, Singer Island is thanksgiving flight.

D.B. said...

Shame I'm not still in Nashua (KASH), just up the road from KBED. I could have met you and checked out your Sundowner.