Monday, September 16, 2013

Fly -n- Golf

A few messages went back and forth on Facebook with the local pilots.  The Quakertown group was planning to fly out to 76N,  Skyhaven Airport located in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania.  I really didn't feel up to getting in and out of a 2000 foot runway in a new to me place having not flown in a few weeks.

Instead, I swapped text messages with Bob C and he was willing to join Mary and I in Ocean City for a round of golf. The plan was to meet up at the terminal around 10:30, at least we had a plan.  Mary and I got up early and hit our favorite breakfast spot, Angels. After breakfast we were ahead of schedule and made our way to the airport. Our clubs were at the motor home and we only needed to bring our golf shoes. However, with my SUV in the shop, small fender bender two weeks ago, and my airplane keys in the console, I found myself without keys to the plane and now tooling along I-95 SB.
Cape May across the Delaware Bay
Exit Wilmington, turn the bus around and head back home. Hmmmm...I guess the headsets would be good to bring along too. Finally we are back on the road with all the required equipment. It's a VFR flight this morning in the cool air, 08R enjoying the climb and my Bride falling asleep. I make my way into the pattern at OXB and make a nice landing on runway one four with winds 150 at 5 knots, easy peasy.
Cape May and Lewes, mouth of Delaware Bay
We meet up with Bob who was already on the ground and plane secured. I wanted to rent a car from Don, his deals are always the very best, but the airport removed the ATM machine. Don wasn't at the airport so I was going to leave cash, well, until there was no bank in the box.  We decided to all pile in the Cabrio along with three bags of clubs, yes it was cozy.

Bob shot a very nice round and in the end beat me by a stroke, Mary shot a good round too but we still battle for that consistent ball strike.

With the round completed we high tailed it to our favorite lunch stop along Racetrack road, Taylor's. We enjoyed a good lunch, Mary enjoyed a beer while the two pilots each enjoyed a refreshing coke and my tea/lemonade mix.
Bob and 09L
We each saddled up and plotted for the ride home. We were headed to KILG of course and Bob was just passing us heading to KOQN, Brandywine Airport. The ride home was smooth and I listened to Dover Approach as he called out traffic and worked a steady flow of flight following and instrument traffic.
Tail wind on the ride home (Salem nuke plant)
A fun day catching up with our friend Bob and we look forward to meeting up for dinner with his Bride Dru and daughter Mackenzie very soon!

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