Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lunch Time Meet Up

I was working in Cape May today and while monitoring contract progress I swapped a few text messages with Dave S (Dave's Flight Adventures). Dave flys out of South Jersey Regional and was looking for a destination, obviously taking advantage of the perfect wx we have been experiencing.  Since I was trapped at WWD I offered to meet up on the field at the Flight Line Diner.

Dave flew down in his freshly washed and waxed Piper PA28-235. Dave had a passenger, his friend Bob. It was nice to enjoy lunch with Dave and Bob, talking airplanes, old airports and the new airspace around Philly.

I went back to work while Dave and Bob took off to enjoy more air time, I was jealous. We did agree to get together and take our Brides out on a dinner flight, Mary and I are looking forward to catching up with Dave and Lynn very soon.

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