Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hangared Mouse

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The time has finally come, I'm moving 08Romeo to a T-Hangar.  No, not at Wilmington at the outrageous price of $525, instead I'm moving 11.8 miles north west on a 320 degree heading to N57-New Garden in Toughkenamon,PA, for $285.

New Garden airport has really nice T-Hangars.  The hangar space reminds me more of a pavilion with sliding doors to close everything in. The structure is in excellent condition, the floors are concrete, there is very  good drainage away from the hangar doors, electric is included, there is water close by and there is GA life everywhere!

There is one runway, 6/24 @3700'x 50', bumpy as heck, non-standard low intensity lighting but slated for repairs and runway widening. Currently there is one VOR approach. The Airport plan is for GPS approaches once the runway work is completed.

There is a very active EAA chapter and the airport manager is a gem, really making things happen at this airport. The drive is about 30 minutes with light traffic, mainly country roads with one short hop on a major roadway.

I've been on the fence about the current approach available at N57. After more thought I'm comfortable with Wilmington, KILG and Chester County, KMQS both less than 10 minutes away if I need the ILS.

After going back through my log book I have only shot three approaches to minimums into Wilmington since getting my instrument rating three years ago. One on the way home from the beach, one on the way home from an oil change and the last because I wanted to log an approach towards currency.

I am scheduling a spa day for 08R to get her all spiffed up.  I wouldn't want my new neighbors to see her all dirty. If the wash/wax is done Friday I'll get her moved in Saturday Morning, if not sometime next week.

Pictures? Not yet but stay tuned for more New Garden info and pics.


Chris said...

Congratulations, Gary! I'm sure that hangar life will suit you well.

Gary said...

Thanks! Maybe now 08R will stay as clean and shiny as Warrior 481!

Chris said...

Gary, from the pictures, 08R always looks nice and shiny and, frankly, I'm not sure how you've managed that!

Geoff Nelson said...

Nice!!!! And a good price to boot! "She" will appreciate her new abode.

ddf said...

This is a game changer! You will be astonished at what a difference it makes. Congratulations.