Saturday, September 21, 2013

08Romeo's New Home

Last day on the ramp at ILG
Today was a strange day for me, a little bit of sadness leaving Wilmington Airport because it's the only home base I have been associated with. Yes, I'll miss the tower folks and the long runways but life keeps moving forward.

I had to file today with N57 reporting from KMQS 100'ceiling and 1/4 vis. Ok, I just left there 30 minutes ago after sweeping out the hangar, the sky was clearing. I advised ready to taxi and for the first time sat for maybe 15 minutes waiting for my release at Kilo and runway 19. Maybe a parting shot?


I wanted to make this update since Vince posted his 'Go Pro' video from our reposition hop.  I also wanted to show off Vince's excellent radio work on an IFR flight plan and capture the special flight to the new home.  Thanks Vince!!

Once I was in the air and heading to New Garden it all changed to excitement. I was anxious to shot the approach and make a nice landing and I could hardly wait to taxi my way back to 08Romeo's new digs. There was plenty of activity this morning as I made my way in on short final. I could see Mikes car parked by the hangars, two Cessna's waiting on my landing to take off, it was almost too much to absorb.

I made an ok landing at best and taxied to the last turn off. This is home, our new airport, new people to meet, the self serve fuel, that will be a new adventure I'm used to the fuel truck pulling up to my plane. There is life stirring along the row of hangars and a school plane is doing its run up as I wait to taxi past. Once the student passed I taxied to my new home, Hangar 209.
The lines painted on the floor worked fine for 08Romeo and I tucked her in for the first time. Plenty of room all around! My neighbor to the left is a Saratoga (turbo) and to my right is a super cub and I noticed a glider trailer tucked in too.  I need to pick up some rugs to put on each side to keep the interior carpets clean when we are in and out of the plane. I want to make a bench for some tools and storage for oil, an extension cord, California duster and cleaning supplies.
Speaking of cleaning supplies, I hooked up with one of the guys who details planes and cars. I'm getting 08Romeo washed, waxed and spiffed up. I'll give the inside a once over one night this week.


Steve said...

Looks awesome - congrats on the move to covered digs. I know you and Mary will appreciate the convenience come winter!

Good radio work for sure. Love the video. Thanks for sharing.

And welcome to the world of fueling your own plane again... ;-)

Gary said...


Vince does an awesome job flying and on the radio. I take off and land and he gets a good amount of stick time.

Yeah, fueling is ok and the price is good compared to the local area.

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