Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Antares rocket explodes on launch

Wallops Island is a 6 square mile island off the Eastern Shore of Virginia, part of the barrier islands that stretch along the eastern seaboard of the United States of America. It is located in Accomack County, Virginia. 
A NASA rocket bound for the International Space Station exploded during lift-off. NASA officials say the rocket suffered a catastrophic anomaly shortly after liftoff. Now officials are trying to figure out what went wrong.
We are just 29 miles from Wallops
Officials say there were no reported issues with the rocket before it exploded in the sky over Virginia. The supply ship rocket bound for the ISS lifted off but just six seconds after leaving the launch pad, it exploded over Wallops Island, sending fiery debris crashing back to earth.
The 14-story rocket was built and launched by Orbital Sciences Corporation, which will lead the investigation
 Mary and I patiently waited for the Wallops launch at 6:22pm looking south in a clear sky. We could hear and feel the initial launch from our home in Ocean Pines, then a few seconds later a loud explosion followed, greater volume than the initial launch and with a vibration we could feel standing in the driveway.
I continued to look to the southern sky when Mary came back out to alert me the news was reporting an explosion of the vehicle just six seconds after launch.  Thankfully no one was injured at the facility.


Steve said...

Didn't realize you were so close! Certainly glad nobody was injured and I feel for those who spent years getting experiments/equipment ready for the launch.

Gary said...

I'm going watch the next launch from the air.