Thursday, October 16, 2014

RC Flying

I was cleaning out my hangar at New Garden (N57) tonight and did my preflight for Fridays flight to OCMD.  When I finished up I thought I would track down the Airport Manager, if he was still available, since it was just past 5pm.  I did find the manager and gave notice that I would be out of my hangar by November 1.
As I got in my SUV and started to head out I saw this youngster, with his dad, walking out to the ramp with an RC plane.  This little guy had his act together.  Hard side case in one hand containing  the controller and his aircraft in the other.  He unpacked, went through some checks and then taxied out.  The aircraft was electric powered so it really had a unique sound to it. It was a smooth and controlled departure that immediately went into a vertical climb!  He hung that airplane on the prop then nosed over and spiraled down to recover and go inverted followed by cranking out some knife edge turns and snap rolls.  I shut the truck off and continued to watch this youngster fly, he was very impressive.
When he was done he brought the plane in slow and smooth, better than some of my landings in the Sundowner.  I walked over and asked if I could take his picture for my blog, his father said yes.  This youngster is eight years old and can really fly that RC plane.....honestly it was like I was watching Matt Chapman, just a scaled down version.

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