Saturday, October 25, 2014

First Mooney Flight

The wx and timing were right for 08Romeo to move to her new permanent home at KOXB, Ocean City.  Mike B was busy with work travel and he and Kim had vacation scheduled, so the chance of him flying 08Romeo before the end of the month was out.
I made a few calls to see if there was any interest in somebody taking on this mission to get me north to N57.  I made a call to Jeff D over in Woodbine but he too was going to be out of town on business but he would ask the Woodbine bunch if anyone was available. I also called Adam Z, he knows everyone and I figured he would find me a ride with his breakfast flying Quakertown bunch.
The response was quick, Dr. Harv from the Woodbine group was up for the hop. The plan was set to meet at the OXB terminal around 2:30ish, take on fuel then launch for N57.  Harv made a sweet landing at OXB and taxied to the terminal. We topped off the left side tank, stored my flying gear for my return flight and climbed aboard. I didn’t have my Lightspeed  or Bose headsets, instead I had a cheap pair I let passengers use….boy does that thinking have to change.
Harv’s 1969 Mooney M-20G is in great shape, a really nice color scheme and good avionics package. We taxied out for runway three-two and announced our departure.  There was a Cessna in the pattern and another aircraft shooting the GPs RWY 2 approach.  We had the Cessna but couldn’t see the aircraft on approach. We were on the roll and once again announced. Harv did the flying I was searching for the approach aircraft.  As we were wheels up I saw the aircraft inbound and breaking off the approach making a left turn out, north/north west. We climbed out to the north/north east as I called out the traffics position.
The ride was swift and pretty smooth. With a decent quartering headwind 90Victor still turned out 140+ knots. The speed sure was nice.  We cruised at three thousand and enjoyed the ride, good conversation and a fun flight in a new to me plane. I most likely wore Harv’s ears out asking so many questions about his plane, autopilot, retract gear and annuals. 
Winds had picked up a bit and there would be a crosswind component landing at New Garden.  I gave Harv the low down on the bumpy runway and the winds on short final between the roadway and the runway threshold. I helped spot the airport and Harv guided 90V through the pattern. We were now short final and Harv set 90Victor in with a text book crosswind landing, kissing one main on followed by the other, riding it out then setting the nose down. I don’t think I’ve made one better in the year I’ve been flying there!  Great trip and a fun ride!
I am in your debt Harv,   I could not imagine my Bride making the drive with her health issues so Thank you from the both of us.

08Romeo’s flight south…

I watched 90Victor tuck her wheels in and climb out of sight, then I walked to my hangar. There was activity on our row of hangars this afternoon.  The Cub next to me was flying and the Cirrus across from me was going to get some flight time.  I went through my pre-flight and gave 08Romeo her final tug out of the hangar.   I had everything cleaned out with only one extension cord to stow in baggage. With all my checks complete I climbed aboard and called clear prop…….click…click….click…..not good.  I’m thinking my battery has an issue or 08Romeo decided she wasn’t ready to leave this nest. 
The shop on the field was closed so I needed to find a way to jump the plane. The new external plug I purchased through BAC would get its first test. I called the airport manager to see if he had any contacts and Jonathan hooked me up with the flight school. I started to walk back towards the office and flight school when one of the line guys swung by to give me a lift in the golf cart. He introduced me to the person I was looking for and the man agreed to give me a jump. 
The neighbors cub had landed and taxied in so he also gave a hand in this process. I plugged in the external plug and climbed aboard for a start. 08Romeo fired right up and purred along.  My Cub neighbor climbed aboard to hold my brakes while I jumped out to  unplug the external power plug and secure the baggage door.  I offered my thanks to everyone and offered the man who gave me a jump some cash but he refused. With the  transfer of control back to me 08Romeo was ready to go. I had twenty-three gallons onboard, I would need ten for my flight south. I would have a tail wind so that was a plus and I would not  have to shut down until in front of my hangar at OXB.

08Romeo climbed out and we pointed south. It was a smooth ride at three thousand all the way. I did pick up flight following with Dover on 135.15 and they eventually cut me loose to squawk VFR as I approached my typical reporting points. There were a few aircraft in the pattern but everyone worked their way in. I made a nice landing and taxied clear making my way to the hangar.  Mary was sitting in my SUV to give me a lift back to the beach house. I secured the plane leaving a mess with all the blankets, sun shields, tool box and extension cords and cleaning supplies lying about. I had repositioned the airport car and tucked it under the wing tip then closed the hangar for the night. I would come back tomorrow and organize all the ‘stuff’.

The next chapter in my flying will begin as I work my way to retirement. Mary and I are looking forward to more dog rescue flights and getting back to those four day weekend get-aways taking advantage of our magic carpet.


D.B. said...

Mooneys are great airplanes - only one step below a Bonanza ;)

Gary said...

:) The Bo temptation is always out there.

Steve said...

That's a sweet-looking bird. Glad you're finally all settled in the new home. Guess we've got a new airport to add to the I-really-need-to-fly-there list! :)

Gary said...


Two extra rooms, one queen and one double!

Now if we can sell the house up north I could be there full time...sigh...still no offers after 81 days.

Steve said...

Noted - thanks, and good luck!