Sunday, October 12, 2014

Moving 08Romeo

It’s time to pack up the hangar at New Garden (N57)and move 08Romeo to her permanent home in Ocean City MD (KOXB). I'll finish out the month and then vacate by November.

We are still trying to sell our home. The house has been listed for sixty days to date, plenty of lookers, no offers yet but we are praying to St. Joseph. I decided that since it’s the off season I can drive back and forth to the beach without the hassle of extra heavy traffic days. 
The plan is to load up the SUV with the small work bench and cleaning supplies along with my Switchbox preheater and battery maintainer controls. The next forced wx driving day I’ll take the hangar contents with me to OCMD.
I hope to move the plane south with some help from Mike B. I’ll get an hour head start in the SUV then he can fly in and pick me up. I’ll fly back to drop him off then turn and burn for OXB. At least it’s a plan and that’s a good start.
I have my annual scheduled for November 10th so I’ll fly up to 58M, rent a car and hotel room for a few days in order to complete the work.

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