Monday, December 19, 2016

2016 Year In Review

At Maui Aviation

Hours:   TT 1150.8

ASEL: 2016                      
Approaches - ILS: 2
Approaches - Localizer: 1
Approaches - RNAV/GPS: 12
Approaches - VOR/DME: 2
Cross Country: 80.0
IMC: 3.9
Simulated Instrument: 4.1
PIC: 102.4
Total Time: 102.4

I still have a Christmas day flight to and from Wilmington to add along with a possible dog rescue flight Christmas eve.

New Airports:
Only one this year, but a fun one. Kahului Airport, Hawaii - PHOG.

Fun Flights:
Maybe I should change this category to not so fun flights via the spam can!

Our first get-away flight was scheduled for an April flight to Olathe Kansas to attend Ted and Laurie's bonfire. It was a gathering of friends from the Pilots of America forum.  My project was scheduled to start the Monday following the event. After going back and forth about flying 08Romeo or the American Airlines spam can, the decision was made to fly American. I was not a happy camper but knew it was the right call for getting back home, ready to start the job on Monday. Of course Friday, departure day, I get an email letting me know the start was pushed back to Thursday, Typical April fools day twist.

Mary and I did manage a few dog rescue flights for Mid-Atlantic English Springer Spaniels this year, Mishas Transport and Kinleys Transport.

With a busy work schedule we only managed one real get-away by general aviation and that was to one of our favorite locations, Nags Head. We both ended up with some bumps and bruises but overall a great time.

Our big flight of the year was scheduled for BACFest in Branson Missouri but my consulting job was in a critical phase. Installing a new product, Pervious Concrete, which required close inspection. We cancelled our reservations and stayed home and read about the club members having a great time. We were really looking forward to the BAC gathering and an additional trip to Waco Texas.
With the bulk of the new product installed Mary and I managed to plan and execute a quick week away in Hawaii. We always like to travel for my Brides birthday so with friends visiting the Islands they asked us to join them. We quickly found a condo a few doors down from our friends and with their platinum flying miles discount and our credit card we locked into really cheap round trip flights.

Mary and I took care of a bucket list item, visiting the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. The experience was moving, it made my heart hurt for those lost and their families. The price paid for freedom is not free. It was a very humbling visit. 

I decided to take Mary on a flight around the islands for her birthday. I rented a Cessna 172 and booked it as a discovery flight. I did the flying and our Maui Aviation pilot did all the radio work. Eric was also an excellent tour guide. We had a blast!
Another annual in the log book. This year the shop replaced all of the black duct which is a mouse killer due to corrosion. I ordered new ducts from Custom Ducts and the install is complete. This job would have been impossible for ME to do, no way I could crawl, bend, twist and still keep my patience in check. Thanks Josh for your hard work, patience and staying late on the last day to get 08Romeo buttoned up.

It's been a crazy year. I continued into 2016 with retirement for three months and then accepting a job running nine months with RK&K, managing a DelDOT project. Working has slowed the flying down but with things wrapping up I had hoped to get back in the air.

Unfortunately, my torn tendon in my left foot has reared its ugly head and I have finally given in to the fact I must have surgery. Listening to the doctor's prognosis is painful. Not that I won't eventually be back up to speed but that I'll have to be non-weight bearing for three months. That means no flying. Surgery is now scheduled for January 6th, so I figure I'll be trying to climb in the plane sometime in late March.

The next phase of the project I was running starts back up in August so Mary and I will have most of the 2017 summer to explore. Back to Ted and Laurie's in Olathe KS, then a side trip to Waco, TX will be on our immediate list. Since we will be taking 08Romeo back to Texas we will plan a visit with Sandra (Flights of the Mouse).

A few couples have been planning a get together, so with our friends from the Beech Aero Club we are kicking around Charleston or a Jekyll Island trip in the spring. I already locked into the 2017 BACFest slated for late September in New Bedford, MA. Mary and I are going to add on an additional five days to better explore the north east and catch up with friends Mike and Kim, Adam and Jeanine and Marys' family.

looking Ahead:
I hope to finally get an autopilot install completed in 2017, it's been on my wish list forever. I'm still on the fence about the STEC or getting the Century I control head overhauled, decisions, decisions. I have also given thought to holding out a bit longer to see if new autopilot units used in experimental aircraft will finally be approved for certified aircraft. One can hope.

This is the year that I WILL meet up with Chris (Photographic Logbook) and Steve (A Mile Of Runway), it's time we stop talking about it and make it happen gentlemen.

Looking back on my previous year in reviews, I noticed a common theme that Mackinac and Jekyll Island show up every year in the places to visit list. I really want to knock them both out this summer.

Mary and I are looking forward to 2017!!


Chris said...

100.0 hours exactly? That's like the aviation equivalent to those American Express ads Jerry Seinfeld used to do about the "perfect pump"!

We loved Jekyll Island when we were there in 2011. Highly recommended! Reserve a Red bug in advance to make sure one's available for you!

We've all managed to meet up individually in the past, think we can swing something more coordinated? If you're heading west, let me know - it might be easier to head toward Steve considering the big changes coming for him. Also, we never managed our club trip to Wright-Patterson (this year was too crazy to manage it). If we go, I'll keep you in the loop.

Good stuff every year, Gary. Thanks for sharing and best wishes with the surgery.

Gary said...

lol...indeed, the perfect pump!

I think we may still be able to pull off the meet up, however it will be closer to Steve's with his pending family expansion. :) Wright-Patterson may be the ticket, keep me posted.

I hope to be back in the air sometime in late March, we shall see how fast I can get to weight bearing status. Looking forward to knocking out my commercial test prep and then test when mobile. I'll just have some flying prep to do for the check ride. At least I'll be forced to study.

Gary said...

Well, I added 1.9 for the round trip to KILG and back. I hope to try and get another flight or two in before surgery.

Chris said...

I saw that! Carpe diem, Gary! :-) Merry Christmas.