Saturday, December 31, 2016

Last Flight 2016

I wanted to get in the air today and try out the new camera that I got for Christmas. The plan was to fly early, beat the noon winds moving in and then get home.  I wish it was that easy.

I left the house in the ML320, my 'truck', and headed to the airport.  I heard a noise up front like something hit the inside of the hood, I thought serpentine belt.  My battery light came on and my power steering was now more like driving an old split stick Mack truck. As I rounded the turn on to RT 50 I cranked the wheel with all I had to stay in lane and on the road.  Slower speed made it harder to turn. I quickly turned off the road to the shopping center and banged a u turn to get back on RT 50 west. Our local shop, Racetrack Auto, was just a short drive. I made it without any further problems and shut down in front of the body shop.
Upon a quick inspection I found the serpentine belt just hanging there and the tensioner pulley looking out of wack. Sure enough the pulley was shot. Racetrack is closed today so I left the key via the drop box and will wait to hear the damages on Monday.

Mary picked me up in Ranger, my work truck, and ferried me home. I traded places with her and once again headed to the airport. This time I arrived with no issues.
08Romeo was warm and toasty ready to work today, even if it was going to be a short flight. I did my preflight and tugged her out into the chilly air, I just needed to hook up the camera. Once I hooked up the camera I immediately realized I had screwed up, I needed the extension arm in order for the cable connection to clear the overhead speaker housing trim, I'll work this out later.
I taxied out and launched for a quick trip up the coast and then turned around for home when faced with head on traffic opposite direction. The camera angle looks pretty good but I may tweak the angle to show more of the throttle quadrant and controls.
Once back at the hangar I tried out the extension for the bracket and hooked up the sound cable, everything worked fine. I make my first flight of the new year tomorrow and hope to have more video to share with sound!

Before I left I had one task that I wanted to complete. Since I had Ranger with me I grabbed a can of roadway paint, orange, to finally provide warning about the step into the hangar. 
Much better! I'm not sure who stumbles over this more, me or Ziva. At least now I'll see it and hopefully avoid it.

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Jim and Sandie said...

Sorry about the truck. You and your new gadgets remind me of Jim and his boat toys. Have a fantastic new year.