Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Meet Up With Bob B, Skybobb

I finally had the opportunity to meet one of the Pilots of America members that I have followed for a few years.  Bob is from Vale, Oregon and does some of the best mountain flying and getting into and out of some mighty tight airstrips....ok gravel roads, some just a dirt path. Check out his You Tube page at Skybobb.

Bob was visiting the Eastern Shore to watch his grandsons play basketball and I caught the post on FaceBook. I was off work early so we traded text messages and I drove over to Salisbury to pick him up.  We decided on Kay's at the Cambridge Airport (KCGE) for lunch, and off we went. We figured we would tie flying in somehow.

If you can access the Purple Board For Pilots you will find a great post about Bob's Ramblings, it's an excellent read.

So nice to finally sit down and chat with this man, in person, great flying stories about back country flying and life in general. Thanks Bob, you made my day!

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