Saturday, December 03, 2016

Vince Gets Flight Time

The weather was looking great early this morning and then the winds started to kick up.  Mary wasn't up to flying so I figured I would either make a few pattern laps today or fly a solo morning breakfast run on Sunday. Vince sent me a text to let me know he was in Cambridge (KCGE) and available to fly.  Vince and I traded messages and made plans for a noon meet at the Ocean City airport. I think the last time we flew together had to be back in October of 2015.
The winds were gusty but pretty much down the runway.  08Romeo got off the ground with a full belly of fuel, ready to enjoy the cool weather. Once climbing out I handed off the flying to Vince. We made our way up the coast and the visibility was at least 30+ miles. From just north of the Indian river inlet you could see the Atlantic City sky line and all of the Cape May land mass.
I should mention the ride was pretty bumpy but we enjoyed the air time and catching up. After taking a few shots of my project Vince pointed us back to Ocean City. It was so nice to hear the excitement as Vince detailed his flying lessons. We talked about work and more flying as we worked our way to the pattern back at ocean city. Vince took us right to our base turn for runway three two, I took control from that point. The winds were gusting twenty plus as we cross checked our ground speed (58) versus indicated (80). With a second notch off flaps added, I worked the throttle and set 08Romeo for a nice landing.
We tucked 08Romeo in the hangar and reconnected the battery minder and preheats, she's ready to answer the call.  We left in search of eats and decided on Watermans, good food and service. We talked about flying lessons and I think once he masters landing the 172 he'll be cut loose to solo. I am so excited for Vince to get his ticket, I look forward to flying with him next summer.
We parted ways, Vince heading west on RT 50 and me running a few errands before going home. I really miss flying with Vince, a great young man that really has his head on right, these days very rare indeed.

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