Saturday, July 08, 2006

Getting reacquainted...

No traffic this morning as I head to Brandywine, how nice is that. I make my way to N99 while listening to CTAF 123.075 for traffic. It seems that Brandywine is a busy place this a.m.

The office was filling up fast as I signed my slip for 46C. Off to pre flight and enjoy the stroll out to the flight line. Last check for me is to sump the fuel. I already know it's low from the in cockpit preflight. The gauge was showing just 10 gallons in the left tank and maybe 14 or 15 in the right tank. Call me Mr. Conservative but I am not trusting that gauge. I walk back down to the office and let them know that 46C needs some go go juice.

Finally taxing out to 27 for a west departure. I decide to do a "softfield" take off and add 10* of flaps followed by my call and slow taxi nose high to a wide left turn into position. No stop here, adding full power and launching! Hold it level, best rate of climb (80kts) take out flaps and climb on out to 2500. I practiced clearing turns, slow flight, power on and off stalls and right hand steep bank turns. I was working in the area south of Chester County(about 7 miles south) and advised traffic of such.

Back home via the MXE VOR followed by following the 54* radial which puts me on a 4 mile 45* for 27. Traffic has picked up with Cessna 1TB on a 45* for 27 a couple of miles ahead and traffic departing with rotor traffic too. A comment was made on the radio about "welcome to Brandywine international" I thought no kidding as my head was on a swivel like Linda Blair in the Exorcist. A few take off and landings to work on short field landings and soft together with monitoring my airspeed left me feeling comfortable for tomorrows practice.

On tap tomorrow will be "going around" practice together with simulated engine out and all flight maneuvers. My mock check ride is going to be on the 13th, I want to be ready. More reporting tomorrow after my noon time workout.

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