Sunday, July 09, 2006

One Step Closer....

Yes, in the air for a third day in a row!! The gal (46C) needed some go go juice again today prior to taking off the triple leash (tie downs). Fuel complete and only a fuel test to finish before I am climbing in. It is really nice out today and I hope to run through a checkride routine. I set up my alternate radio frequency for Chester County (40N). I also set up Nav 1 for DQO (DuPont) VOR at New Castle County Airport and Nav 2 the MXE (Modena) VOR. Com 2 is set up with the AWOS at Chester County in case I want to practice landings or monitor winds.

Ok out to the run up for final checks then on to the hold short at runway 27. Last checks for fuel, trim, flaps (set to 10*) , mixture and with a call announcing departure I am off. Softfield departure, nose up, slow starting roll, wide turn increasing speed now aligned for takeoff, heals on floor and away I go! Level, best rate of climb, clear obstacles, take out 10* flaps and continue climb out to 1200.

On cross wind I announce a south departure and sure enough Nav 1 set on 190* is on the money. I continue on mentally going through a call for flight following and thinking I best rehearse (in my mind) a call to open my flight plan in case the examiner wants that. Up to 2800 and staying under the outer ring of Class Bravo for Philadelphia I turn west to position south of Chester County but North of New Garden (N57). I swap over to 122.7 (40N) and announce my position as 7 miles to the south-south west and will remain in the area at or about 3000. 40N is busy with traffic so I keep a good look out for traffic while trying not to stray into the area where pilots will be entering the 45* for the left downwind for runway 29.

Clearing turns followed by slow flight, steep turns, approach and departure stalls (above 3000) and a run through the engine out procedures has me about ready to head back home. I get myself turned eastbound and swap Nav 1 to the MXE VOR (90* TO) What a nice view today, clear down the Delaware, easy view of Philadelphia and to the north the cooling towers in Pottstown. I can't wait to have my ticket in hand, that's when the real learning will happen along with the fun!

Calling out my entry on the 45* for runway 27 I note everything but direction . I re-key the mic and state 46C 5 miles from south west. Into the pattern and decided to try the softfield landing. All went well and the with next circuit I try a go around. Not bad but I rushed to take out that second notch of flaps at about 70 kts instead of best climb angle speed of 60 kts. I can't mess this up on the checkride. The last circuit I just land nice and slow 55kts good for a shortfield but I opt NOT to touch the flaps and decide to spare the brakes. I really concentrated on not slipping today. I wanted to hit every landing on the money without having to slip in, mission accomplished.

Mock Checkride on Thursday morning....followed by oral test prep Thursday night. I will try to get one more practice flight in maybe Tuesday night depending if Maggies Vet appointment can be moved to 7:30 p.m.

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