Saturday, July 22, 2006

Planning The First Flight...

Planning that first flight as a "New Pilot" !

Mary and I have discussed many different locations for that "first flight". I would like to head north to KWBW (Wilkes-Barre, Wyoming Valley) since this is where my family is from. We also would like to go to Block Island, one of my Brides favorite places. I think the Island will hold for now and we may start off with a short trip to Cape May, NJ and visit one of our favorite restaurants the
Oyster Bay.

A short hop to Cape May from Brandywine Airport, 40 minutes, a great dinner and a stroll along main street along with visiting the few shops on the boardwalk. I was trying to get away today (Saturday) but the wx looks like a "no-go" so maybe next weekend. I think Monday we will try for an hour or two of checking out the local sights after an early departure from work!

When we post I think we will do as a few other husband wife traveler's do and that is changing up the type set. I'll continue in this format while Mary can post in Italics. This will give us a chance to present both sides of the adventure, left seat and right seat.

We hope to be posting details soon. The inspiration to keep the travel journal now that flight lessons are completed has come from various journals I have read and enjoyed over the last year. A few of my favorites are; Bo and Sandra Boggs,
"Flights of the Mouse" and Phil and Nancy Verghese, "P Factor" both great reads if you have some time.

As a newly minted Private Pilot I look forward to adventures and destinations that Mary and I can share with our friends!


Anonymous said...

I have been following your posts on AOPA Forum... good reading! You and your wife will enjoy Block Island a lot - it is how ACK and MVY used to be. I am based at Plymouth (PYM) and my wife and I have made many trips to BID. While the airport cafe is excellent, be sure to go into town (a 5 min, $5 cab ride, or 30 min walk). Try Montauk as well at the tip of Long Island - 5 min walk across the street to Rick's Crabby Cowboy Cafe. Closer to your home we like Millville, NJ and Georgetown, DE. As you may be aware, both have great restaurants and are easy to get in/out of.

Oh, and I have flown into N99 a number of times as I have friends in the area and grew up in Wilmington... nice little airport.

Bill Lacy (AA-5B N28479)

Gary Mascelli said...

Thanks Bill !!

Hope to meet some folks as mary and I make the rounds!

Phil Verghese said...

Hey Gary. I just started catching up with your blog. I was reading for a while during your flight training, but I just got back to see you passed your checkride. Congratulations on earning your Private Pilot Certificate!

I'm glad to hear that you and Mary plan on writing up your trips in the "he said -- she said" style that Nancy and I enjoy doing. We'll be looking forward to following along on your first trips together. We're still in the process of posting the details from our recent trip to Oshkosh and Washington, DC.

Gary Mascelli said...

Thanks Phil!

We have enjoyed your web pages. Great info and a really good trip journal to keep us reading along.