Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ground School 101

As if tests are not bad enough.........I have read every test prep, watched the King DVD's at least three times and still could not find the way to explain questions asked at the oral test prep. I felt like a dope and got very frustrated with myself. Some answeres flowed and I think they were the topics related to cross country activities. Chart reading was fine, had no clue what the "48 hours in advance " was in reference to in the special use airspace listings.......I know now!

Overall it went fair, I took some notes and really got a good look at what I need to know without thinking. I think (bad move) that I tried to think through the answers to much, at least thats what my CFI was saying ( he is a kind and patient man) I guess I need to review and be able to snap out the answers. I will be ready for Monday. My CFI said if I dont feel right I can cancel, he sensed my frustration with out a doubt. I stated that unless I was puking my guts out I would be there...........I just want to have the "A" game rolling when I do meet.

Hmmmm......maybe I need to dig up one of those motivational speeches for the little league kids......or maybe need to just look in the mirror and say I can get this done, no problem, what's this lack of confidence thing going on. Mary, the ever supportive Bride said she has never seen me like this since she met me.......always Mr. confidence with a chip. I have to laugh, she said she has never heard me say "I hope I make it...or I hope I pass" so much.

Geezzzz has the pressure of taking this test got to me? It's time, as they say, to pull the hat down tight and hang on for the ride. I've made it through a lot harder things that tested the metal a bunch more then a oral and flight test.

Mock Checkride scheduled for 7 a.m. at N99 tomorrow

I will be reporting in on Monday with ticket in hand ............after I get back from Cape May, where I plan on taking Mary for that first $100 hamburger lunch!!!!

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