Friday, July 14, 2006

Mock Checkride Complete.....

A new start to a new day! With the lack luster oral test prep behind me and the thoughts of nailing down answers I need to know I was set on having fun today. My ride to the airport had me thinking how I can run multi million dollar projects, deal with contractors, manage people, budgets and staff without flinching yet answering questions about something I love to do had me literally in knots. .....I needed to step back and take stock when I looked in the mirror this morning and I've decided I am ready to have at it. Sort of like sitting in the shoot ready for the gate to kick open when you pull that hat down grit the teeth and give it "let's go boys" and your off!!!

Well I'm off on my Mock checkride. It was a fantastic morning. Off to KILG or at least in that general direction. My "new" CFI directs me to climb to 2200 and direct to MXE VOR. Okie Dokie, departing runway 27 and turning to the crosswind I exit the area on a 45* for MXE. I am directed to head to the practice area once the VOR flips from TO to From. No problem, clear right and a gentle turn out to the practice area west of MXE. Once on course my CFI asks me to perform steep bank turns and that I can start now. Hmmmm......not yet, I advise that I would like to be clear of the community below and head farther to my west over the farmland, he nods with approval. Once on station I said I am ready so lest begin with a clearing turn to check for traffic. A 360* search shows the area is clear. I choose a point and bug the heading slowing to a safe maneuvering speed and begin my steep turns left with a roll right into my right turn hitting the heading on target. ALT, speed and bank angle were good. On to slow flight.....This went very well and I continued right into a power off stall when I was ready. This went well with a note to self power off means power all the way off......I held in about 1400, but recovery was good. Cleaned up and back at cruise I went through the power on stall. Throttle back to 1500 holding nose level to around 70 kts then 85% power while pitching the aircraft nose high, holding right rudder to keep the ball centered. Ok, stall horn, yoke forward to break the stall, holding just below horizon to gain speed and recover back to cruise.

I repositioned to the East to keep my location over the farmland when he pulls the throttle. Ok I need to be smooth here with the ABC's. Airspeed 65 kts, 6 swipes on the trim wheel more or less, looking for best field garden N57 is just to my south. Turning to N57 I flow through the check list, checking fuel tanks, fuel on, mixture, throttle, fuel pump, restart. I then tune for N57 to announce simulated engine out landing and cross the approach of runway 6 at 2200. I stated that I would have dialed in 7700 and called the mayday with location but with the field here I want to concentrate on getting there. I begin a turn out to my right to reposition for a turn to final. Now looking into the sun and trying to find the runway I struggled to block the sun glare and align myself. Adding flaps with plenty to get me there I add in another 10* line up add the last 10* on short fianl making a nice landing. Lesson learned form my CFI, keep that runway in sight with left spirals over the field down to final, utilizing the turns to decrease my ALT. He also said good outcome anyway....just food for thought. Of course he is right, why turn away from where I have to get to and fight that sun at a most critical time.

A softfield takeoff and turn north back to the practice area I am instructed to make a softfield landing back at N99. I tune in the MXE VOR track inbound and then outbound on the 55* radial for the 4 mile 45* to left downwind 27. Um...hello? helps to switch the radio back to N99 . Landings were fine, soft and short. My landing with no flaps was to fast so I went around and gave it another go. A good choice rather then "force it". Ahhh, the second time was the charm as I made better use of my Trim to get me there.

Mock ckeckride complete and only some study for the weekend. I will complete my flight plan along with my weight and balance monday morning and pray the stinkin' heat is not to bad. I'm excited! but I know I need work with the oral and I'll be ready Monday!!

Quick update on the Maggie girl (Italian Mastiff) , knee surgery complete she is back at home looking like the maggie daisy. Yes, a big ol' plastic lampshade collar to prevent her from removing her staples in the knee and pain patch. The baby girl moaned a bit last night but once back in her bed she was ZZZzzzzz big time. I thought the railroad was back in town !!

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