Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Good News, Bad News & The IR

Today brings good news and bad news. The good news is really a double dose, I sold my 81 Corvette and I'll now start my Instrument Rating (IR). The bad news is I really hate to part with the car even though I must honestly say I don't drive it enough. Over the last two years I only brought it out of the garage a handful of times. The car deserves more attention and exercise. With our weekends now occupied with flying I just haven't had the urge to drive the Vette.

I was once told by a corvette collector that we as "owners" are really no more then care-takers. I invested money to have work done in order to maintain my Vette and now I will hand it off to another care-taker to do the same thing. The man I sold my 81 to is a collector, not just of cars but motorcycles. Frank pays attention to the details and will give my gal a good home. Heck she's going to a heated garage it has to be good! I knocked a good bit off my asking price because of where the car was going and how Frank would take care of it. I know, it's only a car but if you know someone who really enjoys cars they will tell you the same thing, it matters.

I will be going to visit the folks at TAS, Inc at KOQN, Brandywine Airport to check out the new hi-tech Elite RC-1 sim they are setting up. I will sign up for lessons Saturday and start posting my daily/weekly progress. Cloud busters here I come!


Tom said...

I'm sure you know the difference between a sports car and an airplane Gary. When you accelerate your sports car to 80 MPH and pull back on the steering wheel - nothing very exciting happens.

Maybe that's why the 'Vette was staying in the garage and the airplane is getting out on the weekends.

Good luck with the IR, I look forward to following your progress.

Zach said...

Sorry to hear that you're selling the Vette! I think that spending the cash on a instrument rating makes more sense anyhow especially since you haven't driven her in a while. Good luck with your first lessons with your IR. Keep us updated!

Gary said...

Thanks guys for the support. It's never east watching someone else drive your baby away.

I will say that when I signed on the schedule today for saturday and sunday IR lessons, the vette was the farthest thing on my mind!