Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sun-n-Fun Flight Plan Leg 1

I previously ordered sectionals for Washington, Charlotte, Jacksonville and Miami along with an Airport Facility Directory (AFD) for the South East. I inked in my flight path on all the sectionals, printed out updated airport knee board sheets for the planned stops and alternates along the way for fuel, eats and possible overnight accommodations. I also updated my Flight Guide publication.

Leg 1 of the plan will depart from Wilmington and head south west towards Easton, MD (KESN) at a planned altitude of 6,500'. This may change depending on the winds aloft but I had to start somewhere. 6,500 takes me over the Restricted area at Patuxent River Naval Air Station, Class Delta. From this point I will turn to a more southern route to intercept the Colin intersection then on to the Hopewell (HPW) VOR just south east of Richmond Virginia. From the Richmond area I will keep it pointed to the south, crossing into North Carolina and tracking to the Kinston (ISO) VOR.

The Kinston VOR is located east of the Seymour Johnson AFB. If I am crossing my checkpoints as planned we should be 2.5 hours into leg 1 with just an hour left until arriving at KCRE, Grand Strand in North Myrtle Beach. A slight jog towards the south west and 110 miles to go for the first stop. I'm sure Mary and I will be looking forward to a good lunch stop and nature call not to mention the need to top off the tanks in 679er.

The Leg 1 plan by the numbers - 388 miles, 3 hours 26 minutes flight time, 34 gallons of fuel. (I flight plan for 10 gallons an hour even though 679er burns 6-7 gph). 679er will be home tomorrow with a fresh oil change, plug check and the landing light and nav light fixed.
Sun-n-Fun Flight Plan Leg 2

Upon reaching our fill of food, fuel and wx updates we will saddle up and get leg 2 of our trek to sun-n-fun underway. One of the nice things about Grand Strand is that you can pick up a squawk code for flight following prior to take off. I will also open our flight plan plan prior to launch. Our plan of attack will have us departing KCRE on a course south west at 240* passing directly over KMYR, Myrtle Beach Class C above 4000' and climbing to 8500'. Our course will keep us clear of the Gamecock B Military Operations Area (MOA)and keep us pointed towards KCHS, Charleston AFB/International Airport. Once southwest of Charleston we will pass above the 7000' ceiling of the Beaufort Two MOA and set our sights on the Savannah VOR. We will be passing west of the city so I'll have the better view but will try to get some pictures. After crossing the SAV VOR we will turn southward to 197* and travel along the Georgia coast passing below the 11000' floor of the Quick Thrust M MOA. The Brunswick VOR (SSI) is our next check point which is just southwest of 09J, Jekyll Island. Mary and I may make a stop at Jekyll Island for lunch on our return trip home.

From the Brunswick, GA - SSI VOR we will continue south to our next checkpoint the Craig (CRG) VOR in Jacksonville, FL. We will be passing just east of the Jacksonville Class C airspace as we continue south to the Orlando (ORL) VOR and hopefully cleared through the Bravo airspace to KISM, Kissimmee Airport. I have been told we will get routed over Disney so I am looking forward to some great pictures.

The leg 2 plan by the numbers - 394 miles, 3 hours and 30 minutes flight time and a fuel burn of 35 gallons. Again I flight plan for 10 gph but 679er burns 6-7 gph. In total we will have about a 7 hour trip not counting our time on the ground in Myrtle Beach and around 780 miles. It should be fun, if mother nature cooperates.

I have 4 Instrument lessons in the next week prior to us leaving so that should sharpen the skills. When we return I am going to knock out the remaining sim time and roll right into the flight portion of the rating. I hope to have my rating by the end of summer.

I am looking forward to meeting some folks at S-N-F!! Are there any readers attending???


Rob said...

Great Trip, and nice planning. Hope the weather cooperates for you. I won't be going, but my Instructor Barb Reiss is planning on going down. Her son is down there working on his IR, and they may do a flight over to Bermuda. Apparently there's a small group that hop from S-N-F to Bermuda at the end of the week.

Be sure to take lots of photos!

Gary said...


Sweeeet! I think the bermuda tour is saturday sunday and returns for the snf show monday. Maybe my Bride will be ok with all the water next year :)

Ok off to Erin's Pub in Norwood for some Lobster!!