Thursday, March 06, 2008

KILG - Skybus Takes Off!

Wilmington's Airport (KILG) will once again host commercial air service. Skybus based in Ohio will attempt to make a go of scheduled service from Wilmington to KGSO -Piedmont Triad Airport in Greensboro, NC and KCMH - Columbus Regional in Columbus, OH.

USA Today - Business Traveler by: David Grossman

...Skybus sets sail from Columbus, Ohio, ushering in a new breed of discount airlines. With a minimum of 10 seats on each flight selling for $10, Columbus will be permanently on sale. Skybus combines some familiar features from Southwest and Ryanair, with some unique twists of its own. The carrier will offer simple pricing with one-way fares based on the actual number of seats sold and anticipated demand. "Our fares are completely inventory managed," says CEO Bill Diffenderffer. There are no advance-purchase, round-trip, or overnight stay requirements. However, there is a catch: A policy Diffenderffer refers to as "cafeteria" pricing. Skybus charges $5 for each checked piece of luggage.

Like Southwest, flights are open seating, but you can pay $10 for the privilege of boarding the plane first. Food and beverages may be purchased on board, including soda and snacks. Outside food is forbidden – seriously! And nothing is free: You can purchase a blanket and pillow (and carry them home after the flight if you so desire). The airline also offers flight status messages via email, cellphone, or pager for an additional charge. By the time you add taxes and all those extras, your $10 ticket might cost $80, but Diffenderffer boasts that price is still less than another airline's $180 fare.

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