Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August Hangar Flying

The Pilots Of America (POA) members held another monthly hangar flying session this evening at KLOM, Wings Field. Besides the rich in history background to this airport gem, the POA members are carrying on an age old tradition of what we as pilots really enjoy. Fellowship, camaraderie, hangar flying (fish tales) and sharing experiences that in the end benefit each of us as we continue on our journey to always learn more.

Tonight Shane and his wife Beth were in attendance. Together they shared some great Airventure stories about their camping experiences, transportation and best of all the journey to and from, very cool stuff. When I arrived I was first to the picnic tables but must admit RobS had me beat, he was returning to Wings after a short flight and knocked out a couple of landings, then my radio went dead. Lee, Gary and Adam were also in attendance and Anthony who wins the furthest traveled award from Lexington, KY. What?! from Kentucky? easy there, he has business in the area so the timing worked out. Sorry Anthony, we can't mislead folks thinking your THAT dedicated to these Hangar flying sessions. Although, a bit of good news shared this evening will have Anthony back among the North Easters in the very near future.

While we sat and ate (thanks Shane & Beth for the sandwiches and Rob for the munchies and refreshments) we could not help but notice the plume of smoke from the south. There was a building fire that quickly got out of control (8 alarm)and consumed a few apartment buildings in one complex, no word of injuries as I type this. The Airport quickly started to buzz, both life flights were off the ground each heading out in a different direction. The news helicopters from NBC, CBS and ABC were in for fuel then back to the story. I figured it was time for me to head south and noticed the news choppers were still on station as I headed south on Rt. 476.

A fun night of aviation, good friends and shared experiences! I'm looking forward to Septembers get together. Special thanks to Rob for the group picture. (Pictureds left to right, Anthony, Adam, Lee, Shane, Beth, Gary S, Me and Rob taking the picture)

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