Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just The Two Of Us....

Yep, it was time we got some fly time together so Mary and I made a quick hop to our favorite breakfast stop, the Cornerstone Grill at the Millville Airport. The original plan was to meet up with the North East Flyers (NEF) at our scheduled stop 4N1 Greenwood lake. Mary had some back pain and was not feeling up to two hours of flight time so we made the call for the short hop. Millville is 15 minutes each direction not counting taxi time to and from the ramps.

We were met at Wilmington Airport by fuel trucks buzzing about, count em' Atlantic, Dassault and our fuel supplier Aeroways. Three trucks crossing the ramps and topping of various birds anxious to get in the cool September like air. I completed the preflight and mounted the camera for a video of our flight. I am looking forward to my Instrument Lessons to be complete so Mary and I can get back into our weekend groove of flying off and enjoying the time together. Thankfully we will be flying to Nags Head in twelve days! We decided to get away and Nags Head, North Carolina is only a two hour hop.

We enjoyed breakfast in the new addition at the Cornerstone Grill. Mary had eggs benedict over english muffins with canadian bacon and I had the breakfast quesadilla, it's always perfect. We each stretched our legs as we wandered our way back out to 679er enjoying the weather. There was another Archer II now parked alongside and we gave it a sneak peek. This aircraft had the small vent window added in the access door window, pretty neat idea. I made my customary walk around, then we saddled up for home. Mary said she was glad we made the shorter run today, it felt good to once again get some seat time together.

Millville radio drove me bonkers as it always does. There is no nice way to put it so here goes, they need to just plain shut up and let traffic make calls, Ahhhh, I feel much better. I've said it before and I'll say it again, they are going to cause an accident. Besides the normal radio chaos we had a good time. Both of us feel bad for backing out of the NEF event at 4N1, Greenwood lake but it was better to have fun then suffer through and hour each way when my Bride didn't feel all that great. Part II of our flight is from Taxiway 'J'uliet, then my battery must have died. I'm pre-occupied flying and don't give it another look until enroute to Wilmington. At the end you will hear Mary comment nice landing, and no stall horn. It's bad when the non-pilot knows I was flat.

I have an Instrument lesson planned for tomorrow, three hours of approaches and getting squared away with the Garmin 300XL GPS. The cross country is scheduled for Wednesday. Updates to follow after I drag myself out of the plane!

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Rob said...

Great Vids! Is the audio addition new? Don't remember it on previous blogs. I don't have an audio input on my camcorder. How's the Zulu working? Man,.. I think I would lose my cool with the Milville Advisory Guy, Spit it out man!

Good luck this week!