Saturday, August 30, 2008

Breakfast & Bath

This morning I had the pleasure of meeting up with Bob C and his daughter Mackenzie for breakfast. Our plan was to meet close to Wilmington (KILG) and then I was going to wash the plane. The wx really looked bad and I didn't think it would be to much fun washing when it may have rained on me. The change of plans had us meeting at a more central location in West Chester, PA. The DK Diner was the choice and the food and service were very good. Mary and I have made the stop on more then one occasion for breakfast and or lunch.

The Bride was once again sidelined with a flare up of diverticulitis so I was on my own today. It was great hanging out and talking flying with Bob and as always, it was a blast absorbing all of Mac's smiles, giggles and her playing peek a boo in the mirrors adjacent to our booth. You had to be there, she would pop up, see herself then say, it's me!! The child is just to cute!

After the morning stop for eats I headed south. I called Mary to check on her and see if she needed anything before I headed back down to the airport. She was good to go but did remind me to pick up cat litter on the way home. I rolled into Red Eagle Avionics and they still had all their planes parked out front. I was wondering if I would be able to taxi over and wash the bird. I wandered inside to see if I would be in the way and got the thumbs up to wash away. They have always been very friendly at Red Eagle. I did figure out why the planes were out when I saw the floor scrubber machine hard at it. They were doing the spring cleaning, just in time for fall.

I walked down the line of aircraft wondering what history each plane could share. I think of these crazy things, what places have they been to, who has the most hours, who is well cared for and sadly acknowledge the few there that really need and want attention. These thoughts are gone as fast as they came when I arrive at 679er. I uncovered and opened her up for some fresh air and then hooked the tow bar for the pull towards the hangar. 679er who I have dubbed "Elizabeth" had to wonder why no pre-flight and why no key in the ignition. Not today my flying friend, today is your airplane version of a spa day. I tugged her up alongside of a spotless King Air, this big boy was sharp, super clean and obviously well cared for. I fetched the hose and my bucket along with a brand new super soft brush, new cleaning towels and Mothers quick shine that I have used on my corvettes when entering them in shows. Of course the sun comes out as I am getting started and I worked up a good sweat, it beats riding that dang stationary bike.

After a good scrub and wash down I pushed my baby back to her tie down and toweled dried any remaining water. I broke out the new clean soft towels and applied the spay and wipe quick detail from Mothers, she was looking good. I re-installed the new nose plugs, placed the cover on and double checked all the locks, our girl was good to go. I know we don't own 679er, we are part of a 3 person club with one being the owner but I treat her like she is mine and she takes care of us when we fly. I know, this may sound strange but I guess it's a guy thing. I was the same way with my corvettes, when I sold them I felt like I was selling a part of my family.

I gather up my bucket and supplies and head over to the hangar so I can harass my friend Bill who is running the floor machine. He is a fellow ham radio operator and we have known each other for, well to many years to count. Both his boys were helping out and he was wrapping up as I finally decided to call it a day. I made a quick call to the house to see if my Bride needed anything but she was fine. We will decide on dinner if she is feeling better when I get home. Oh, the answer is yes, I brought home the 25lb box of cat litter, the boys will be happy.

A fun day hangar flying with Bob and some good hard work getting 679er clean and shiny. We may head over to Woodbine for the labor day cook out and catch up with Jeff and Wayne. We are almost ready for our flight to Nags Head, NC scheduled to depart Wilmington on Thursday returning on Sunday, bumped a day earlier for Mary's surgery. The plane is clean, tanks full and the GPS is updated. Are we there yet?????


Head in the Clouds said...

..."I treat her like she is mine and she takes care of us when we fly. I know, this may sound strange but I guess it's a guy thing."...

I feel the same way about Good Dog, so it's not a guy thing!

We're supposed to fly down to the Outer Banks this weekend, too. What airport are you using?

Gary said...

The plan 'was' to fly into Dare County Regional (KMQI)and the rental car would be waiting for us on arrival. I had scheduled with Enterprise.

We were going to stay at the Surf Side in Nags Head but with the wx that's predicted we canceled and moved our get away to 10/10 - 10/13.
Mary and I didn't want to be stuck watching the rain for two of the four days instead of baking in the sun and exploring.

If you go have fun and watch those winds!!! Oh, the flight school does have hangar space available if needed, I checked in advance. It's part of my away from home airport, take care of the 'ride' mentality.