Wednesday, May 25, 2011

50 Hours Later

Fifty hours have passed through the tack since November 10, 2010.  It was time to get 08"Gnomeo" to Cecil County (58M) so Roger could have some quality time.  My computer training class was canceled so I decided to make the hop and get the plane serviced.

I took a pass on taking an oil sample this time and figured every one hundred hours will be sufficient.  Roger let the champion filter drain while we added seven fresh quarts of aeroshell 5W50 golden honey engine life blood. Upon examination of the cut open filter we found the paper to be clean, no metal at all and no carbon, all excellent signs for a healthy power plant.

I helped button Gnomeo up and headed for home. I didn't have my flight bag today so I was flying with Foreflight on my iPhone instead of the iPad and a Washington paper chart.  What I really missed was my Zulu headset, I will never fly without my headset again.  I really do feel bad for our passengers, maybe I'll pick up two pair of David Clarks for the back seats.

I finished up with .7 in the log book and a great start to my work day.  Next up the return of my Collins 251 from the radio shop and the install.

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