Friday, May 27, 2011

Collins VHF 251 Check Out

Comm 2 is back in service after a quick turn around from Stellar Avionics. As mentioned in a previous post I lost receive and I assume transmit on my comm 2.  The Collins is an old radio but every shop says they are pretty much bullet proof and they recommended the Collins over an upgrade to a King KX 165. Unless I really needed the flip flop and additional frequencies in stand by it wasn't worth the cost upgrade.
I headed out of Wilmington with the plan to work on some landings.  KOQN, Brandywine airport is close by and really requires me to focus on my airspeed and wind corrections with a narrow runway compared to the monster wide at Wilmington.  I entered direct KOQN on the 530 but tracked to the Modena (MXE) VOR on NAV 2 so I could practice.

I entered the procedure turn for the VOR A, did my one lap and headed for the airport. It felt good tracking the VOR and keeping the needle so steady. Inbound on the 054 radial, cross the VOR and adjust for the 052 radial and a descent to @1100 feet. I broke the approach off a bit early and set up to enter a right base for RW 9.  Winds were blowing but I managed an ok landing setting one main down at a time into the crosswind.

I taxied back for the short hop to Chester County (KMQS). No approach work here, it's getting way to hazy to play around Modena (MXE).  I made the call for a 45* for left downwind runway 11 since winds were from the south east. I kept this one real tight working on my circle to land but didn't have enough to set myself up on final. A bit hot, some balloon and mains down then up in the air.  Full power, going around, shesh....let's try this again.
Two shots of New Garden  N57
Pattern two looking good with a normal base leg to final and slip to the runway. Hold it off, some stall horn, arrest the sink with some throttle, hold it off and I'm in.  Not to bad, I'm on the ground, it felt smooth and the wheels are still on. I walked in to the terminal and had lunch at the Flying Machine Cafe'. A BLT and a few ice tea's, I was ready to head home.

I taxied out for runway niner followed by two T6 Texans, sweet planes.  I was climbing out and making my last call headed towards the south east.  I listened on frequency for a bit since there was a helicopter that departed in front of me heading south and I wanted to hear which direction the two T-6's were going.  The haze was brutal and from 10 miles out Wilmington was non-existant.  I managed to take a few shots of New garden (NB57) along my route home.
Wilmington...are you out there???
I made my call and advised that I had the current ATIS info Yankee.  I was directed to enter straight in runway one four. Another smooth landing and following my U-turn on the runway I was headed for my tie-down. It's hot, I'm really thirsty but I cleaned off the bugs and covered "Gnomeo". My kingdomn for a pineapple sundae....and cold water!


Harrison said...

Sounds like a good workout, Gary. More good photos too. Enjoyed the post.

Gary said...

Harrison, Thanks! yep good workout and much needed landing practice. I felt a bit sloppy on my verbal checks, maybe the eyes out with the haze kept my attention. the links that start the chain of events.

I sent a text to my friend and safety pilot Mike that he really needs to bust my chops on procedures.

Chris said...

Gary - glad to hear that all your equipment is back in shape.