Sunday, May 29, 2011

Getting In The Air

Your flight crew
Mary and I hung out most of the day with plans to meet up with Jamie and Jason later this evening.  I swapped text messages with Mike B who had planned to overnight with 08Romeo in Leesburg, KJYO  but changed to a no go.  I did mention I was available but had to be home around 5:30ish to get ready for dinner, just in case he still had an itch to fly, he did. I was soon heading south for the airport, flight bag in hand, water bottle left sitting on the kitchen table.
Climbing out of Wilmington
Mike and I went through the pre-flight and had to remove the top cowl for some nesting investigation.  Some stinking bird decided to mess with me and scatter a few twigs around and various other home building materials.  It really wasn't to bad and we had the engine compartment cleaned out and buttoned back up rather quickly.
Farmland over Chester County
Flight Line KMQS
I was right seat this flight and ready for some safety pilot time.  We headed to KMQS, Chester County and Mike shot the ILS RWY 29.  I didn't role play comm's at all but did make a position report or two. Mike shot a very nice approach but ballooned a bit when reaching for the flap handle. The pull bar that is attached for making my life easier had slipped to the side and made clearing the seat difficult. He recovered quickly, pointed the nose to the numbers and announced at mid field will initiate a go around if not on the runway. I was just ready to call midfield as the mains touched and we rolled to a safe slow speed for the turn off, a good job making the landing and keeping it safe. We had lunch at the flying machine cafe' while enjoying the air conditioning and eventually saddled up for home.
UofD Campus on left - Chrysler plant removal on right,
Christiana Mall
Base to Final 18 at ILG
Short Final
Only 1.3 in the book for Mike and .3 for safety pilot time for my records. Flying in the haze, getting kicked around under the clouds and riding the thermals and I still had a great time! One note about 08Romeo, I am so thankful for the high power blower that we have to move the air once on the ground, can't imagine not having it when it really gets hot.

My flight review always takes something away each time that teaches or reinforces lessons learned. Today I needed to hear the verbal checks. I need to up my game and not get complacent with my checks when flying, I will work on this.

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