Saturday, May 14, 2011

Safety Pilot Time

 After a fun flight home from Cape May and adding some actual time I was pumped for acting as safety pilot for Mike B.  Mike and I swapped text messages and a phone call to schedule our start time, we met up around 4:30ish.  I needed some extra time to run to Wawa so I could get bottled water and something to eat to help rehydrate.  I selected a large bottle of water, fresh fruit and a small mac/cheese.  I took a few bites of the mac/cheese and as good as it tasted (for store bought) I just couldn't finish it.  a few forkfuls and I switched to the fruit, it hit the spot.
passing over 58M, 08R,s annual location

Mike rolled into the parking lot and changed, I walked through the gate and found some chairs located on the shady side of the building. Yep, set my flight bag and water down on the matching table from the set and parked my bones in the chair. was a cool breeze the water cold and jet engine noise from just across the ramp.....was this heaven? Well, I think not, but it sure felt good.
Mike completed the pre-flight and I tried to stay out of his way. We finished up and climbed aboard for some approaches, air work and holds. Mike laid out the plan and we soon taxied for our departure to the practice area, just to the airports south west. The foggles went on at 500 feet and once on station inthe practice area we did some clearing turns,  climbs and descents while turning 360's along with some slow flight work and steep turns. Mike quickly brushed off the rust, his words, I think he was as sharp as usual.
outside the final approach fix ILS 10 KILG
almost to the FAF - HADIN
Mike also knocked out the GPS 17 at KEVY, a procedure turn and two laps in the hold. Next up was the ILS 1 into Wilmington. We did the practice approach with the tower vs calling up Philly approach. The ILS was a low approach to accommodate traffic ending in a step to the right and landing on runway one niner. A fun night flying followed by a good dinner at EATS, Thanks Mike, my turn to buy the next time out.

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