Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wings Fly-B-Q 2011

I didn't take pictures, I didn't even have a chair or cooler with me. I really had no plans on attending this year due to work.  I was scheduled for work in Cape May (KWWD) Saturday morning and no clue how late I would be.  The one good news item was no hot mix today which means it would not be an all day and most of the night type of work event. 

With work on tap for me Saturday, Mary decided to head to Lancaster with her Mom so the ladies could shop. Hey, it sure beats working.  As my previous post stated, I finished up very early and the core drilling team did not need me to babysit. I decided to try and make the run to Wings field (KLOM).

The write up about the flight is in my last post so I just wanted to cover the Fly B Q and return flight with this posting.  As I already mentioned I did not take pictures, I was to busy talking with the other attendees.  It's always fun to catch up with the group. Gary S was hard at it, as always, making the event take shape along with Ed F, Anthony and the maestro of this rag tag orchestra, Adam Z.  Here is Adam's write up from the Fly-B-Q on the Pilots of America forum.

Wow! FlyBQ 2011 is finally over it was a crazy weekend with crazy Wx and I am EXHAUSTED but as always a lot of fun. We certainly missed Andrew Stanley and look forward to his return along with Matt Teller next year.

It seems to be an odd year for flyins, Wx and 100LL price seem to dampen folks planning but we still had a great turnout. My count shows 96 people attended including of course our awesome POAers. Thanks are due as always to Gary Shelby who is integral to the event as well as all those POAers local and long distance who attended, Grant and Leslie, Ed Fred and the Steingars as well as Todd Kooser ( Blue Sky) from Cleveland and Liz who busts her butt in the Yankee to get here. Of course Andrew Morrison who is still local in his heart and the Drivers AdamB who drove from NH and Missa from IPT. And absolutely everyone who helped shuttle and pick up the slack Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Also a big thanks to Smithfield again for being a food sponsor their hot dogs were awesome and thanks to Montgomery County Aviation for all their help and support for this great event. We had some cool planes come in including a Defiant two beautiful RVs, a Piper Sport which really was quite impressive. We also had the AOPA Cherokee Six Sweepstakes plane N164U show up.

We raised some good money for some good charities and Did good things. I wish I could take a 2 day nap now but can't.

So I hope to see everyone again May 18-20, 2012 for Wings FlyBQ VIII

A great time indeed and good food.  I decided to head south for Wilmington and slipped out VFR to enjoy the ride.  I had Philly approach tuned in to listen for traffic and the 70's hits playing on the Garmin 496 while riding out some bumps under the cloud layer.  I was getting close to ILG and tuned Com 2, the Collins 251, to 123.95 for the current ATIS info.  Hmmm....odd, not a sound. I turn the unit off and on again like that will magically make it work but still not a peep.  I plug in the ATIS frequency on the Garmin 530 and make note of the wx, everything is fine on Com 1.

A smooth long landing on runway one and a short taxi to Kilo for red eagle. I button up 08Romeo, exhausted and really thirsty. I did note on the flight log I keep in the plane that com 2 is INOP, just in case Mike wants to fly.  I'll schedule with Penn Avionics for the radio fix and schedule my oil change with Roger at Cecil Aero since I have 49 of the 50 hours clicked off.

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