Sunday, June 17, 2012

Instrument Rewards

Another weekend adventure to/from Ocean City, MD.  I filed an instrument flight plan each way just to keep myself sharp working in the system. Not much new to post but I thought I would share some photos I took after climbing out of OC for our flight home. I never get tired of climbing through the clouds and coming out on top in bright sunshine!
Departing KOXB, South view while on a 270* heading
Finally turned North, then Direct ATR (near Lewes Delaware)
layer starting to really open up south of Dover DE
Clearing over Dover AFB. 
After getting a good view of Dover AFB and a pretty nice view of Dover Downs Race track I was handed off to Philly and descended for my approach into Wilmington.  Of course I got a traffic call out and responded that I was IMC at the time.  I did advise approach once in the clear and looking for an update on the traffic along with having the airport in view. I was cleared for a visual approach and handed off to the Wilmington Tower.

We made the customary stop for ice cream and yes, Maggie enjoyed hers too.  I also was surprised to find my new bayonet style probes waiting in the mail box.  My next blog update will be the new probes installation at Cecil aero.


TJ Shembekar said...

That is the best use of an IFR ticket! (I also love the view view right after you "break through" the cloud deck)

Chris said...

Nice pics, Gary! Looks like, maybe, you made good on your threat to bring along a real camera this time around?