Saturday, June 02, 2012

South Jersey Regional

Mary didn't feel great this morning so instead of flying to Ocean City MD for the weekend she decided to hang out at home.  I could not pass up the gorgeous wx so I sent an email to Mid-Atlantic English Springer Spaniel Rescue (MAESSR).  There was a transport available from Goochland, VA to Egg Harbor NJ, that's in my comfort zone. I wasn't sure what the wx would be like after yesterdays powerful winds and light show so I waited to make the go call this morning.  MAESSR filled the transport by ground, so I let them know I would be available if needed.
With the rescue flight shot to heck I decided to just go fun fly.  Mike was busy with his list of things to get done and Vince was going to a concert with his brother, it was looking like a solo flight.

David Stow was working on his interior (airtex carpet upgrade) at South Jersey Regional, KVAY and invited me to meet up for lunch. That works for me, a new airport and new restaurant.

08Romeo at the Runway Cafe'
I headed to Wilmington via wawa with a single stop for cash and water. When I walked up to 08Romeo I noticed a twig or two sticking out of the nose plug.  Hmmmm, what happened to my nose plugs?  I remember, I had asked Mary to get the vehicle and I would secure 08Romeo when we last returned from KOXB. Mary usually does the plugs and pitot tube covers, I forgot. I had to pull the top cowl and remove the handy work of one mama bird. I would have taken a picture except I was to busy cleaning.

OK, engine clean, cowl reinstalled and pre-flight completed.  I launched for VAY deciding not to file, instead just slow and low over NJ. I headed east towards the Cedar Lake VOR (VCN) then turned north when clear of Philly's Bravo but keeping clear of McGuire's alert space. A fun flight with Philly tuned in, but no flight following.
Top picture looking north, bottom picture looking south
I crossed over south Jersey Regional south to north and entered the right traffic pattern for runway two six. I was high on final and really had to pull the power along with an added slip. A nice landing at a runway just fifty feet wide. It's a sight picture difference from Wilmington's one hundred fifty feet wide, but a good work out to keep me sharp.

I called Dave and we met at the Runway Cafe'. Great chili and I added a BLT for my lunch. It was great to catch up and talk flying. We are both looking forward to getting our Brides out for a nice dinner, maybe a beach run will be involved.  Thanks Dave for picking this one up, he only let me leave tip. Next round is on me!
Delaware River over the nose
I filed back to Wilmington in case I needed a pop up.  At launch the layer was working it's way down and ILG was looking good but you never know. I headed south towards Woodstown at a fat dumb and happy two thousand five hundred enjoying the countryside. I picked up Wilmington's ATIS and made my call at ten miles out.  I was cleared straight in runway two seven, report three mile final. I passed right over my office and the Twin Bridges I help maintain.
Delaware memorial Bridges, Twin Spans
It was a fun day of flying and worth the trip to catch up with David. I also got to add a new airport to my list!


Steve said...

Those birds are quick-working little suckers. I spent a solid 15 minutes cleaning sticks out of the 172's cowling last week - and it had flown (and was clean) the night prior. Yet another reminder why you always want to do a full preflight!

Gary said...

Steve, I will NOT forget the nose plugs again. Can't beat a good pre-flight, it always makes me feel just a bit safer.

Steve said...

Yup, but that doesn't even always solve the problem. The nose plugs *were* in on the 172... the bird had flown up from the small opening at the bottom near the nose strut!