Sunday, June 24, 2012

Local Flying Fun

I posted on Facebook if anyone was flying for breakfast and I got a few hits. No takers, but a few folks posted their thoughts.  Hmmm....well I best text Adam Z and see if the Quakertown bunch is thinking about flying.   We swapped a few text messages and decided we were the only ones flying today.

I sent Vince a text so he could join us and then grabbed my flight bag and headed to the airport.  Mary was safe and secure, I had made her breakfast and she took her meds and now was ready to sleep.  My Bride had another go round in the hospital this past week and is slowly getting back up to speed. The Migraines are really bad and the search continues to find the remedy.

Vince was already at 08Romeo and he had her cover off.  I went through the pre-flight and he performed his own.  I listened to him verbalize each step, he's on his way to becoming a pilot. Vince recently started lessons with Mike B.  A great teacher, pilot and friend, he'll make sure Vince is safe and pays attention to all the details.
Pottstown cooling towers
We fired up and Vince did all the radio work.  I taxied to runway niner and soon launched to the north for Wings field. It was a round-about flight to skirt the Class Bravo space and stay under the 4000-7000 ring. Once climbing out past 1000 feet and running my checks I handed the plane over to Vince. We enjoyed the cool temps at 3000 and made our way to Wings, KLOM.  We swapped control for my landing and taxied in to pick up Adam.

The decision was made to fly to Chester County, KMQS. We would invade the Flying Machine Cafe' for a late breakfast. We departed runway two four and climbed out for 2800.  I swapped control with Adam Z and he took us to MQS joining the pattern for runway two niner. I was high and fast turning final so decided to go around for another try. The second time was the charm with a decent landing and taxi to parking across from the terminal.
Philly through the haze
We ordered lunch and enjoyed the airplane chat. It's always fun catching up with Adam and getting an update on his search for the perfect club plane. FYI, it sounds like the group has their eyes on a Cessna 182 that has great avionics and P&I.  Good luck on getting the deal closed!

With full tummies we headed out to 08Romeo. A short pre-flight and fuel sump has us ready to go. No extra flying today since I want to get back home and check on Mary. It's a direct flight to Wings field and Adam takes us there. We swap controls while entering the pattern on a 3 mile 45 for runway two four. I make a nice landing and taxi to the ramp to make the drop.
Terminal ramp at KMQS
Vince and I taxi out for runway two four and soon launch for home. We swap control and Vince does the flying along with the radio work. I figure the best way to learn is total submersion, he handles it very well. His heading and altitude are spot on and he raises the game wanting to contact Philly for flight following. We quickly review the call and he does a nice job with the request, provinding his position, altitude and intentions. He is quickly given a squawk code and he hears the magic words, cleared through the bravo.  We review the airspace radio work for class Bravo, Charlie and Delta, he knows the answers.
the office
Next we are handed off to another sector and Vince checks in, "Philly approach Sundowner 08R with you".....GRRrrr....that is not proper phraseology....the correct response is Philly approach, sundowner 6708R, two thousand five hundred, level. I ask Vince to read up on the proper phraseology, no "check in", no "with you's", he says, got it.  With that he reports having the wx at ILG and the field in sight. Philly dumps us from flight following and we are on our own.
looking west heading back to ILG
Vince takes us to short final advising the tower we are 3 mile final as requested. I have Vince mirror my inputs as we make our landing. I can't wait until Vince turns 16, he'll solo quickly, his flying skills are very good. Mike will teach him well and he'll be a safe conservative pilot. I tease Vince all the time telling him he needs to get his ticket so he can fly Mary and I around!

Thanks to Vince for the pictures!


Chris said...

Gosh, Gary - it sounds like you should look into becoming a CFI yourself - you seem to enjoy coaching Vince! Or are you just in it for the potential aeronautical chauffeur?

Sorry to hear about Mary and her migraines. Best wishes in finding a cause and/or an effective way to manage them.

-- Chris

Gary said...

Thanks Chris. We are trying to get a handle on the migraines, it's a process.

I do like coaching Vince. He'll be 16 in November and wili be a very good pilot some day. His passion for flying is contagious. He's a very nice young man that you can't help but like.

Yes, driving mIss daisy comes to's a standing joke. I'm just looking out for my future, covering all the bases! ;)