Sunday, June 10, 2012

OCMD Airshow and Beach

Friday 6.8.12

I had to work in Cape May, NJ this morning since we were up against the clock to get roadway construction completed in order to open for weekend traffic. RT9 to Seashore drive needed a new rail road crossing, also an additional NB lane and it will have new guard rails and drainage. I started my day at 3am, arrived at work and fueled the company truck and was on the road south by 3:30.  I arrived at the job site at 5:04, the hot mix wasn't far behind!
Sandman Blvd at Seashore RR crossing
Debbie, my consultant field inspector had things well in control so I decided to head north for my office around 1:30.  It was a quick turn and burn, drop off my paper work and lap top, hit the head and switch vehicles.  I pointed my SUV north and made the quick trip home to pick up Mary and Maggie by 3:45.

Traffic was bumper to bumper headed south bound when I came home north bound so I decided on I-495 instead.  Great selection, it was wide open all the way to our exit for the airport, good time, no traffic! Mary and I are back in the swing of tag teaming the pre-flight.  We had Maggie on board and got the fan turning for some cool air as I was picking up my clearance from Wilmington ground.
Looking east over the Delaware Bay to the tip of Cape May NJ off my wing
It was a short flight south with a great tailwind and air speeds of 125 knots once leveled out at 6000.  I was handed off to Dover then Patuxent and finally cancelled in the air about 5 miles north of OXB.  Traffic was a mess, some nit wit parked on the runway but did advise he would wait for us all to land. The Cessna on base to final went around and I headed out over the ocean and fell in behind the Cessna. Once the foul ball took off we all followed in line and landed.  The Cessna pilot thanked me for turning out and making calls to follow him in, I thanked him for the good position calls, some of us try to do it right.
downtown OCMD from St. Martins Neck Road
Finally on the ground and heading to the Coach! It was an early night for me since I had been up since 3am.

Saturday 6.9.12

Saturday was a beach day and we had a blast.  The OC Air Show was scheduled to start around noon so we hung out and watched. We got to see the Thunderbirds, Black Diamond Jet Team, a pair of A-10's, a C-5, The Geico skytypers along with Mike Goulian in the Goodyear Extra and Rob Holland  doing some serious head banging aerobatics!
Geico Skytypers
We ended the day with a crab dinner at Crab Alley.  Food and service were very good and we waddled back to the car and made the drive to the coach in time to pass out.

Sunday 6.10.12

We decided to hang out at the pool today, no way was I fighting traffic going to the beach and airshow. We did make a quick run into town for breakfast. The decision was the Satellite diner, food was good and service too, we would go back.  Once back at the RV park we changed for the pool and walked around the corner. We found a few empty chairs and an umbrella and set up camp. Mary grilled in the sun, I worked on getting some sun on my sticks and caught up reading the latest IFR magazine.
looking north up the beach
The beach at the inlet Jetty
I weed whacked around the coach and Mary did a quick clean inside. We both showered and then picked up an early dinner at Subway. Back to the coach to relax and wait out the TFR over the airport. I guess around 4:30ish we locked up and headed to the plane. Maggie was really good as I preflighted and got the fan turning. I did bump into a friend from the AOPA and POA forums, Av Shiloh.  Av has the sweetest Comanche I have ever seen, it's an OSH award winner.

Av was number one to go and I was number three, stuck behind some Piper who was having some issue with his radio. When unicom said they were glad he figured it out I decided it was time to give him some extra room. It was a good thing too since he did his run up as we sat nose to tail on the taxiway.  What a tool, is it to difficult to turn your plane sideways and have some consideration for the next guy, I know I turned my plane.  What happened to the common courtesy we show for the next guy?

It was an uneventful flight home in very hazy conditions. Once back ground pounding we made a stop for ice cream and Maggie even enjoyed her baby cup. Fun weekend, as always it went by to fast.

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