Monday, June 18, 2012

Yankee Lady

While working in Cape May NJ today I was frozen in my tracks, stopped mid sentence during my field meeting rant by that unmistakable sound purr of the four 1200hp radial engines.

I made my way over to the airport and was lucky enough to watch the Yankee Lady (Yankee Air Museum)set up to land.  She crossed midfield south to north, circled with a low pass then a turn out to the north again to enter the pattern for runway one zero.  I had goosebumps as she approached on short final and felt like a little kid watching a plane for the first time as she passed by with one main down then the other......just Awesome!


Steve said...

Awesome! She's always nice to see - which I luckily do semi-frequently since she's based in MI.

Sure beats the average day at the office!

D.B. said...

Very cool. A few weeks ago I looked up while walking the dog, and a B-29 flew overhead (I should say "the" B-29, since there is only one flyable). The next day, a B-24. Both are based at Addison (ADS), once in a while a Spitfire, P-51 or even an ME-109 will go over....

Certainly adds to any day it happens.

Gary said...

"Sure beats the average day at the office!"

"Certainly adds to any day it happens."

+1 That about sums it up!!

Craig Gomulka said...

Awesome, a lucky day!