Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Coastal Flight

Mike shot me over a text or two and we collaborated on a go time for flying this evening. Mike wanted to shoot a few approaches in the Diamond DA40 and I figure any additional time facing the glass panel will help me understand its functions a bit more.
 I had worked in Cape May today so I had some travel time to contend with and I also wanted to catch up with my Friend John, my computer guru, to pick up my computer that suffered a fatal lightning ground strike at the house. I also made a pass through the Walgreen's pharmacy drive through and picked up my Brides prescriptions, it was a busy drive home!
With a quick clothes change complete and flight bag in hand I was motoring for the airport. Mike had the pre-flight completed and I just helped with  the electrical cord as he used the tug to pull out the plane from its hangar.
Heading North, approaching the RT50 inlet
The beach at OCMD
We were soon airborne and heading south for KOXB, Ocean City, MD.  Mike went under the foggles and shot the RNAV GPS 14 approach into OCMD. Mike intercepted the ATR to PFAIR leg and did a real nice job on the approach.  I got the chance to really see what is out there as we dive and drive to the minimum descent altitude (MDA).  I picked out the terrain obstructions, a few towers. The approaches provide the means to get into airports in wx conditions but you best be on course and at proper altitude.
Glass panel, moving map
Mike having fun
This approach ended with a full stop and a taxi to the terminal ramp.  We jumped out of the plane and walked across the parking lot to my airport car to retrieve the registration.  I upgraded to a black and white tag and need to pick up an inspection sticker that is good for two years, tomorrows mission after work.
Charles W. Cullen Bridge at the Inlet
We soon saddled up and departed runway one four climbing out to follow the coast north.  We crossed the RT. 50 inlet just a few thousand feet off shore and took in the sights. Mike made his way to the Charles W. Cullen Bridge at the Indian River Inlet and I took a few shots. From the bridge we continued north to Rehobeth's boardwalk area then turned to follow up the bay towards Lewes.
climbing out of KGED
Mike once again replaced his sunglasses with the foggles and set up for the RNAV GPS 22 approach into Georgetown, KGED. We coordinated with a Cardinal that was inbound and completed our T&G as the Cardinal turned final.  Nobody was in a real hurry to land tonight, it was just to nice to fly!
What a sunset!
It was time to head north for home and Mike got us pointed in the correct direction.  As we road along enjoying the view we discussed the final approach back to the home base.  Mike was going to shoot the ILS RWy 1 approach and I would contact Philly for vectors.  Philly obliged and we were heading in, maintaining VFR.  I was eyes out and mike was once again wearing those really spiffy foggles.  A nice landing and taxi back to the T-Hangars brought a great flying night to a close.


Steve said...

I love the views that are only a short flight for you east coast guys. Fun night of flying and beautiful scenery, too.

Gary said...

Well for flatlanders I guess we are lucky to get good views! :)

Steve said...

Yup, for at least 50-100 miles in most directions here it goes like this:

Corn, Corn, Corn, Soybeans, Corn, Soybeans, Soybeans, Soybeans, Lake, Corn, Corn, Town, Soybeans... :)