Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Visual Confirmation

Mary and I headed to Ocean City Maryland this evening and the trip was uneventful. OK, with that said I must also add I was concerned about pop-up thunderstorms with the high heat and humidity.
Wilmington amended my clearance as I announced to the tower I was ready for release.  Ok, the initial plan was KILG ATR KOXB, @ 5000,  pretty simple. I was cleared "radar vectors ATR as filed"  at the hold short it was changed to runway heading, ENO, as filed.  After I read back the tower changed to direct.  I repeated and  confirmed KILG ENO KOXB.  We were rolling.
Once handed off to Philly and then to Dover I once again confirmed my route. Dover confirmed, take notes here, ENO SBY direct.  Say what?  I confirmed the "new " routing and in less than 2 miles turned on course to Salisbury, SBY.
I passed my typical fix that I file for and was handed off to Patuxent. Pax turned me direct and advised expect visual approach.  I was busy monitoring a nasty looking cell just off shore, as we made our way to Ocean City.

We made it in with no storm related issues but had to ride the gusty winds in for a fast approach/landing.


D.B. said...

And a 7 kt tail wind too!

Gary said...

I should add that the amended route, however so slight, was to keep all aircraft from the ATR, Waterloo VOR and that cell. I did heat other planes routed inland like us,

It was a good ride south seeing speeds of 120-127 and smooth until descending for OXB. Love those tail winds!!!

Frank Van Haste said...


It's nice when ATC sees the weather, recognizes the problem, and proactively issues orderly re-routes before we have to ask. I do love those people!

Best wishes,


Geoff Nelson said...

The 496 with XM weather is worth its weight in gold! It makes it very easy to work with ATC and come up with good deviations.