Saturday, July 14, 2012

Updates and Currency

We finally got some much needed rain, a soft gentle soaking rain that made the plants and yard happy. Mary and I decided we would get some things done around the house this weekend like cleaning and wash. I wanted to trim  up the front bushes and putz around outside but if it's rain we're getting that will work too.

I checked on my last update for my Garmin 496 and it was July 2010.  With my Garmin 530 in the plane and its monthly updates I decided to only update the 496 data base and obstacles once a year.  I headed south and disconnected the 496 and with a quick turn around headed home.  I passed the AeroWays fuel truck on the ramp and paused long enough to wave, deciding I was not flying today so why take on fuel.
I logged into the Garmin home page and found my way to purchase the  following updates. NavData, Single: $49.95 and the Obstacle, Single: $49.95.  I also decided while the unit is here on the desk I should update the GPSMAP 496 software version to 4.50, which was available as of April 29, 2011.  The changes made from version 4.40 to 4.50 improved TFR display and upgraded the software in my GXM30 antenna to version 2.30.  The update took less than thirty minutes and I was good to go.

I had sent Mike a text to let him know the 496 was updated and he asked if I was up for some flying, he was available.  I had texted Mike on Friday to let him know I needed to knock out some approaches and that I would like to schedule a BFR with him.  We went back and forth a few times and both decided to head to the airport for some flight time since the wx was clearing up.

After our pre-flight we fired up and headed towards Millville, KMIV. We were cleared for a left turn on course and climbed out across the Delaware river for new jersey. The air was smooth and temps in the low eighties. I leveled at two thousand five and briefed for the ILS Runway 10 for KMIV. We role played ATC and I was cleared direct LADIE. I happily road along thinking vectors since that's what we had talked about, totally blanking out what I was given by Mike. I had set up Nav 2 for Cedar Lake, VCN as a cross check for LADIE and as a back up for my missed if needed.

I reached LADIE and turned inbound on the final approach course of 100*. Bust! I needed to do the procedure turn (PT). I quickly turned out bound on a 280* heading and once on course I reprogrammed my 530 for the approach so I could see the PT racetrack. I got caught on the age old expect vectors and plugged the 530 for that then the switch caught me with my pants down, sigh....I was embarrassed, I know better and train for this. If there was one saving grace it was that I continued to fly the plane. I had briefed the plate so I knew the outbound for the PT and flew it! I would reprogram the 530 once headed outbound, safe in the racetrack.
I turned inbound once again,after the PT, and tracked the ILS.  I was slow to step down and could not capture the glide slope w/o really making a steep descent, hard on the ears and ego.  I managed to catch up on short final and would have made a landing but  ended the first round going missed and headed to the hold at Cedar lake.
Round two was much better, good PT and solid tracking to the runway for a Touch and Go, much nicer. Upon climb out we swapped controls and Mike did a few approaches. His ILS 10 was rock solid and he banged out a VOR A too. I picked up on the missed and after a lap around cedar lake VOR I also did the VOR A. This approach was very good, dive and drive to the altitudes listed and ending with an early turn out to keep clear of a helicopter doing a simulated engine out.
It was time to head back to Wilmington and I decided to give Philly a call for the practice RNAV GPS 27 into Wilmington.  I was given direct Woodstown-OOD, maintain at or below two thousand five hundred, cleared for the GPS 27.  Wow, he shed me pretty quick. I road along stepping down as noted and making my way to ILG. I was handed off to the tower and made a nice landing with a bit of a crosswind, borderline tail wind.

A fun night of flying was followed up with a debrief at Border Cafe' (EATS).  Good times Mike! Thanks for the safety pilot time and the instrument workout.

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