Thursday, July 05, 2012

New Probes

Trying to beat the heat I launched for 58M after breakfast this morning. Roger from Cecil Aero called to let me know my CHT adaptors were in. Headwinds from the north had to be calculated and a decision on fuel. With twenty one gallons on board I took off from Ocean City. I climbed to 4,500 for cooler temps and fought a 15 knot headwind. I pounded out 85-90 knots and decided it would be best to recalculate my fuel burn as I approached the Dover area. I would pass over 33N on the flight north, a potential fuel stop.

CHT Adapter for jug
The garmin 530 was showing fuel required and fuel remaining of 10.6 gallons, just over an hour reserve. I made a nice landing at Cecil county and taxied to the hangar. Frank and Stan double teamed my Sundowner and as fast as they snipped the ties it seemed they were rebundling and cleaning up. I settled up my bill with Roger then taxied to the fuel pumps.
CHT Probe

EGT Probe
After I started up I noticed I had no temp reading on CHT 4 and a bad EGT probe error code  message. I returned to the hangar and the guys tested the CHT probe and reassembled. The EGT probe was not working despite multiple attempts to test and retry. I had the number 4 cylinder EGT probe replaced with a new type k unit. I climbed aboard and refired, everything looked fine on the JPI unit, I was good to go.

I launched out of 58M and pointed south into the thick haze.  Traffic seemed lite as I road along with the new found speed and tailwinds. I saw speeds of 125-130 and enjoyed the cruise at 3,500.  I made a slight detour and made a few turns around the RV park where we keep our motor home.  Mary and my Goddaughter were at the pool so I got to see them waving.  I was hot and sweaty so after a few turns I headed in to OXB.  2.3 hours flying today, I'm beat!!


Geoff Nelson said...

Why did you replace the probes? Failure or upgrade or??? Just curious.

Gary said...

I had washers, they were reading higher temps. Decided to go with the bayonet probes. I like what I see on climb out temps now, more in line with reality.