Monday, July 23, 2012

Vacation Plans

At least once a year Mary and I try to stretch our wings and try some place new to explore. This year we are going to attend the Beech Aero Club Festival in Gulf Shores Alabama. So, as a pilot I get to explore every potential route, fuel stop and a possible overnight stop that could interest us.

The total trip is just over seven hours and eight hundred thirty miles.  We could make the flight in one day with an early departure from Wilmington arriving at our destination around three or four.  We will need a fuel and nature stop at some point so I figure on midway or about four hours. We are also exploring the possible two night stay in the Myrtle Beach area and a full day of beach and fun. With an early departure from Grand Strand we could make the leisurely 5 hour flight with one stop along the way arriving in time for lunch.  I guess this will hinge on me taking an extra day off, giving it some thought, ok works for me!

Ok on to the fun stuff, the flight planning.  Below is my plan B, the overnighter in Grand Strand (KCGE) and the five hour hop to Gulf Shores (KJKA).
FBO's along the way will be investigated.  We visited Grand Strand back in 2007 and Ramp 66 provided excellent service.  I read through all the AirNav remarks as well as doing a "cheap" fuel search prior to the final plan. The FBO at our final destination will be Gulf Air Center with discounts and service prearranged with the BACFest group.Our reservations are secure at the Island House Hotel and we are looking froward to sitting on the beach sticking our toes in the warm gulf waters.

If I can be pried out of my beach chair I'll join the group and visit the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, FL and we'll make a stop for lunch at the famous Lambert's, home of the throwed roll!


Geoff Nelson said...

Looks like a great trip! Have fun.

Gary said...


Should be fun, a gathering of mice!

We are still working our plan for a potential stop day one and overnight. Trying to decide on Myrtle beach or head the other way and go to Memphis. I think the beach will win out.