Tuesday, March 08, 2016

08Romeo - Oil Change

RT 50 into OCMD
I previously scheduled 08Romeo for an oil change today knowing that my consulting job will keep me busy through summer on the weekdays.  It looks like I start the project Monday the 14th. I figured get the change done and I'll be good till fall depending on our weekend travels.

I left the preheats on, although with the sudden change in temps I really didn't need to. Tugged out the VW Cabrio, the Sundowner then closed the hangar and conducted my preflight in the beautiful sunshine!  Everything looked great so I taxied out and launched for 58M, Claremont airport.
The ride was very smooth, hands in my lap, jammin' to the oldies. The head winds were there to greet me off the nose at 15 knots. I picked up flight following and road along with Dover until just north of the (ENO) Smyrna VOR. I made a few position calls for Claremont and set up for a straight in runway three-one.
33N new hangars (middle, right of runway)
Roger marshaled me in and I shut down in front of the hangar door. Stan was going to do the oil change and I did my best to get in the way. out with the old and in with the new, seven quarts of golden honey and 08Romeo was ready for the leak test. I climbed in and started up watching for pressure to build, looked good. I ran 08Romeo for a few minutes with high end of 2200 RPMs. Everything looked dry, so we finished up and squared away the bill.
Back aboard 08Romeo I was giving some thought to a breakfast run down to Cape May NJ and even started that way on departure. Giving it more thought and with Mary dealing with a migraine I thought it best not to be away from home any longer than I needed to be. I redid my flight plan and pointed towards home.
Another smooth ride and the added bonus of tail winds!  I was sailing along at 127 knots which made the ride so much more enjoyable than the 95 knots north bound.  I had some traffic to deal with and the ADS-B did very well with the alerts.
Ocean City was still pretty quiet so I made a straight in for runway one-four with a nice landing to wrap up the day.

By the way the filter looked pristine today, no carbon and no metal. I also talked to a pilot that flys for the Coast Guard Auxiliary, thanks to Roger.  There may be some mission flight time there in the near future, more to follow.

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