Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Lunch Run to KWWD

It was a gorgeous day today! Mary and I had plans to meet up with friends from South Jersey regional airport, Dave and Lynn.  They took some time off from their very busy schedule to soak up some sun and head to the beach.

As Dave and Lynn were getting the plane ready, my lovely Bride felt sick...still.  This has been going on for three weeks, I'm thinking its me. So, at the last minute we cancel, I didn't want to be the third wheel spoil a great day for a special couple.  Thankfully they both understood.
With Mary needing dark and quiet I decided to at least get some air time.  I soon had 08Romeo warming up and ready to launch from runway two-zero.  It was so nice to see the airport come alive with all the sunshine.

I monitored Dover approach and then Atlantic city approach as I crossed the Delaware Bay.  The air was smooth and the tail winds enjoyable.  I entered the pattern on a forty-five for runway one-nine. A smooth landing and roll out for the main taxiway to the terminal, I had to add some power.
The Flight Deck was busy but I manage a seat at the counter.  There I enjoyed the local paper, catching up on the eagles, and placed my order.  A large raspberry ice tea and a grilled chees with pork roll, it was mighty good.

With the eats complete I looked around for former coworkers but didn't see anyone. I climbed aboard and taxied for runway one-nine and I heard Joe on CTAF say he didn't see me sneak in....I'm stealthy. Ok, I'm laughing at that notion, me and the sundowner, stealty .
It was a nice smooth climb out and I orbited on station at the Cape May ferry terminal until I had altitude to re-cross the Bay. One additional stop on the way home and that was to get a few photos of my new project for my new employer. With a few nice shots captured I pointed 08Romeo to home.
Lewes Ferry Terminal
Another nice landing in between the busy pattern. I took on fuel for tomorrows flight back to Wilmington and tucked 08Romeo in for the night once I wiped the leading edges clean of bugs.  Yes, the warm weather has already unleashed the bugs.

The middle property with the dirt looking parking area is my project
I did manage to time things just right and got to see Dave and Lynn off. We will get together another day.

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