Sunday, March 13, 2016

Coming Out of Retirement

It's been almost one year since I retired, the official date was 3/31/2015. I didn't make the full year, instead, opting to take a consulting position with RK&K Engineers out of the Wilmington Delaware office.

Mary and I decided that since the updates on our home are complete and despite wanting to spend more time on the beach and traveling, I would take the offer. The retired fixed income has been very good, we still fly and still do a lot of things here in OCMD. The opportunity to stash extra cash for off the mainland vacations is hard to walk away from. I also want to bank for that STEC autopilot upgrade.
So, as I mentioned in a previous post I'll be the Project Administrator for the Lewes Transit Facility, located just into Delaware about a forty-five minute ride from home each way.

The project Phase I is 'scheduled' to be completed by October, I haven't had the chance to review the contractors schedule to confirm this target. Preconstruction is Tuesday and I'm heading to Dover Delaware to attend and officially sign on with the new company.


Jim and Sandie said...

Good luck and hopefully have a good time with the consulting gig.

Gary said...


I'll miss the weekday beach trips with my Bride but there is always the weekend. We figured it was a great chance to stash cash for Hawaii and Alaska for this winter and next summer.