Wednesday, March 16, 2016

08Romeo Spa Day

Ivan from C.A.V.U. Detailing is scheduled to treat 08Romeo to a much deserved spa day.  We met at the hangar around 8am and I got the VW out of the way and unplugged the preheats and battery minder.
Mary and I had to be in Salisbury this afternoon so off we went and left 08Romeo in the very capable hands of C.A.V.U. Detailing.
Once our business in Salisbury was complete we headed home to change and pick up Ziva, then headed to the airport. Ivan was just about finished up with dressing the prop and removing the last cleaner and wax from the exhaust stain area. 08Romeo looked great! It's really nice to see her shine.
I am having 08Romeo detailed once a year, in the spring to keep her looking good. Ivan busts his butt to do an excellent job. I highly recommend this man if you need detail work done.

I know his work saves my knees and pain from my torn tendon in my left foot. I don't even want to know how bad my back would feel after crawling around on the concrete hangar floor.

Thanks Ivan!!


Annewow said...

i have been taking flying lessons from Hillsboro academy ( and i love it. i really enjoy your blog. keep it up.

Gary said...

Thanks! Good luck with your lessons.

Chris said...

Looks great! As you know, I like to treat my bird to spa days from time to time, but those spa days always end with a sore back and arms for me! Though, I have to confess, sometimes those days mindlessly polishing on the airplane are therapeutic. Either way, it's pretty cool that you have this kind of service available to you!

Gary said...

It's the best $300 spent on the plane to keep it looking good and to save my broken and abused body parts from the extra wear and tear. :)

I do agree there is some therapeutic value to working up a good sweat and taking pride in the final results. I waxed the club Archer every annual and did 08Romeo once or twice, with a buffer.